At this point I've included the "I'm an incompetent blogger" statement in more than a few posts. I've been neglecting this blog a lot and I get around to posting more and more infrequently as time goes on ....more

Cereal of the Gods

This time of the year our best work happens at night, or maybe not at night, but definitely in the dark. That work is dinner ....more

Apple Chunk Muffins


Not to

Not to bore you with repeat recipes, but it appears that I cannot bake anything but biscotti right now. It's the exact feeling needing to listen to a song on repeat ....more

Christmas Photo Diary


Holiday Gingerbread Biscotti

Never have I looked at a log of biscotti and thought "Yeah, I wanna put that in my face." ...more

Top Blog Discoveries of 2012

 As a blogger it's hard to avoid feeling like a squirrel, frantically gathering and storing the url's of beautiful, nourishing blogs over the span of a year. Inevitably, you will lose track of some of them ....more

The Baguette Obsession Never Fades

On first touch I burnt my thumb trying to press into the hard crust to make a break in the baguette I had just taken out of the oven. Anxious, I shook my hand, blew cool air onto my skin, and tried again but it was still too hot ....more

Lingonberry Drop Scones

Dad always got the burnt cookies ....more

Wine-Cooked Tortellini

Food Illustration #2 - Tortellini Cooked in Wine Moving into a new apartment in a new city means a lot of rice, beans, p ...more