One Donation Down... Millions To Go!

Sweet Savior finished delivering their very first order. Give Us'more of Jesus was a success. I stayed up late Friday night baking marshmallow cupcakes, vanilla Swiss buttercream (which is an amazingly smooth, perfectly sweet-not-to-sweet buttercream), and garnishing the finished product with a graham cracker and Hershey's chocolate rectangle. So now one dessert donation down and only millions more to go!!!...more

Sweet Savior's First Order!!!

Sweet Savior is super excited to be delivering their first donated Sweets this Saturday to the Central Florida Children's Home!!! For the past month I've been putting everything in place! I had our special logo made (Special thanks to Norman Bisda, filed the Trademark application, and now waiting for the Non-Profit and tax-exempt forms to go through! Now, we made our very first label today to begin sending out special treats to all the low and no income families, homeless shelters, organizations, etc!!...more