The Thing About Having Tattoos Is

I read an article the other day on The High Tea Cast, by Kate Henley. Talking about how it sucks that people judge other people on things like having a tattoo. It got me thinking. You see, the thing about having tattoos is, people will judge you. I'm not sure why....more

Tuesday Arvo Toasted Marshmallows

I know it isn't exactly normal to toast marshmallows on a Tuesday afternoon, and I fully accept the fact that such behaviour is one reason why I don't work in a job right now. But since I can, I am. We shuffled around the rooms in our house a few weeks ago, and moved our shared (me and him) home office from the smallest, pokiest room in the house into one of the big front rooms....more
Now that looks good! Sadly it is raining so there will be no fire pit goodness for me this ...more

3 Things I Can Do To Help, Right Now

I've been pondering a question lately. I've been contemplating many things that I think are not right in our world, and oh my there are many. But rather than harp on about things that I don't like, I'm turning my mind to the positive side. As in, what can I do to help? What can I do to make the world a better place, to leave it in a better state for those who come after I have gone? It's fair to say that I already to the basics - I recycle, I avoid using electricity unnecessarily, I grow vegetables, I shop local (and global!)....more

I love Fridays

Friday morning is: a second coffee ~ sleeping in too long ~ a cooked quinoa breakfast ~ splitting wood for the fireplaces ~ catching up on reading while I eat said quinoa breakfast and drink second coffee ~ cleaning up last night's dishes ~ feeling inspired ~ looking forward to a lunch date ~ possibly some second-hand shop browsing this afternoon. I love Fridays!...more