To the Girl Who Wasn't Good Enough

You are the girl that hates to be vunerable, but will never show it, You are the one who would lay down your life for your friends, but are always thinking about how they never do those things for you; The one that needs the most help, but will never ask for it.                you are the one who has been hurt and refuses to be hurt again....more

to the Boy Who Broke My Heart

You were my world. I would have climbed every mountain, walked across the world, and swam through every ocean for you.You were a boy that had struggled in life with money, body image, love, school, and much more. I thought I could fix everything, and I was someone who thought you were good enough, but thank you; just thank you, for breaking my heart. I have found a life that I couldn't have with you, but have to have on my own. I travelI laughI love...more