Dark Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Shortbread

I’m pretty sure seasonally flavored peppermint things are one of the reasons I can successfully get through the cold weather and short days of December. I...more

Sweet Sunday Six

If all is well in the world, I’m currently flying on a jet plane heading towards Johannesburg. The flight is fifteen hours – the longest I’ve ever been in the air – and I’m hoping with some sleep, a few good movies, and 12 episodes of Serial I’ll be pleasantly entertained for the journey. I guess I’m most likely done enjoying Christmas treats for the year, but here’s to all of you still churning out delicious holiday goodies! 1 ....more

M&M Gingerbread Cookies

I hosted my second annual cookie exchange party with my co-residents the other night, and once again I was in heaven. I love having people over (even in our minuscule apartment), and when it involves hundreds of cookies and some of my favorite people, I’m definitely a happy girl! Everyone was instructed to bring a batch of 36 cookies and we all took home platters with about 3 cookies from each variety ....more

Strawberry Santa Hat Brownie Kabobs

Today’s treat is a combination of two of my most popular treats – Santa Hat Brownie Bites + Strawberry Brownie Kabobs = Santa Hat Brownie Kabobs! I’ve been envisioning these for awhile now, and they’re just as easy and adorable...more

Sweet Sunday Six

Ready for one more week of holiday celebrations! Since we’re leaving for South Africa next Sunday, this is my last week to truly savor all the holiday treats the blogosphere has to offer. Hopefully I won’t miss too much when I’m gone, because I live for all these baked goods popping up in my feed in December ....more

Spiced Tequila Dark Chocolate Truffles

Nothing compares to this time of year in terms of overindulgence. I have holiday parties or socials what seems like every night the next two weeks, and you can be sure it’s more than salad on the menus. Lots of cheese, lots of wine, and plenty of chocolate ....more

Sweet Sunday Six

My holiday baking has officially begun and I spent far too many hours in my kitchen yesterday than socially acceptable. This season can be exhausting, but so much fun and rewarding at the same time. My next few weeks are full of holiday parties and gatherings and all these treats from other bloggers would be great additions to...more

Funfetti Cookie Stack Cake

Before I jump head first into holiday baking, I just couldn’t wait any longer to share the latest version of my beloved cookie stack cakes. Actually it’s not exactly the...more

Sweet Sunday Six

I know you’re probably still full from Thursday’s feast, but we’re in the middle of baking’s high season and I just can’t get enough! Make room for more desserts, because Christmas is on its way and bloggers have been in full force getting ready for months. For the time being I’ve focused on my not-so-Christmasy favorites from this week to help ease you all into the holiday season :)...more

Chocolate Tuscaloosa Tollhouse Pie

Since it’s...more