Sweet Sunday Six

Welcome to America’s biggest week of eating! What better way to celebrate than a collection of amazingly decadent and caramel-y, chocolate-y, ooey-gooey desserts. I’ve already begun my baking for the week (with a pie in the oven as we speak!) and am very excited to kick off every baker’s favorite season ....more

Sweet Potato Casserole Cupcakes

Ahhhh, I just CANNOT wrap my head around the fact that Thanksgiving is next week. I guess I should have had a feeling the end of November is getting close since yesterday I had to bust out my big, puffy jacket. Things just don’t quite feel the same this year since Ryan and I are celebrating...more

Pizza Cookie Cake

This isn’t my normally scheduled post for the week, but I just had to squeak in an extra recipe this week so I could share this with you before Halloween becomes a distant memory. If you remember, last year my co-residents and I dressed up as Minions and I made coordinating Minion Cupcakes for us to enjoy as we assembled our costumes...more

Sweet Sunday Six

Only a few hours left of Sunday, but I’m squeezing in this Sweet Sunday Six roundup before midnight! I couldn’t not share these great sweets with you today that I came across throughout the week....more

Breakfast Cereal Cupcakes

I LOVE cereal. As in, whenever someone asks what few foods I would bring to a deserted island, cereal is always on my list. I could eat it for every meal (which I basically did in high school) and I joke that one of the reasons I get out of bed in the morning is just knowing there is cereal waiting for me ....more

Sweet Sunday Six

It’s Sunday and time for another roundup of my favorite sweets from the week. Lots of amazing fall flavors to go with the not-so-amazing fall temperatures we’ve been having here. It’s been freeeeezing! ...more

Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies

Halloween’s over and...more

Sweet Sunday Six

Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween weekend!! I’ve been catching up with some of my best girlfriends in DC for the past two days drinking a lot of wine and eating a lot of candy – it’s been heavenly. And now that we’re into November, pumpkin treats have taken a backseat as I focus on all the other beautiful flavors the current blogosphere has to offer ....more

Chocolate Peanut Butter Baklava

Today is Ryan’s birthday – yayyyy happiest of birthdays to my wonderful husband! It’s so rare I’m actually timely with posts, but I guess it’s kind of lying today since I made this baklava a few months ago for our annviersary. Either way, this post is dedicated to him since baklava is something he’s been begging me to make for years ....more

Sweet Sunday Six

Sweet Sunday Six coming atcha a little late tonight, but I still wanted to sneak in these six great recipes before the clock strikes midnight! I couldn’t miss out on sharing more Halloween treats before Friday – I’m just so obsessed with it all. I threw in a little “healthy” treat at the end just to balance out all the candy for the week :)...more