Oatmeal Cookie Cheesecake Layer Cake

About a year ago I shared a...more

Sweet Sunday Six

Hope you all had a great weekend and are now unwinding and enjoying the Academy Awards! While you’re stalking the red carpet, I’ve been stalking dessert blogs as usual, and I’ve got six great recipes to share with you from the blogosphere. Bring on the fat pants, it’s time for lots of popcorn, chocolate, and everything on this page! 1 ....more

Baby Tooth Cake Pops

It’s always been somewhat of a joke that I am a dentist fighting kids’ cavities by day and a baker serving up sugary treats at...more

Sweet Sunday Six

I hope you had a glorious Valentine’s Day full of chocolate and flowers, or in my case – beer. We spent the day at a Beer Hall in Brooklyn and although it wasn’t your typical Valentine’s Day, it was amazing to be surrounding by friends, Ryan, a brass band, and plenty of good drinks. Love comes in lots of forms! ...more

Red Velvet Slutty Brownies

If we’re going to get “slutty” here at Sweet Tooth, might as well be around the year’s steamiest holiday – Valentine’s Day! Have you had slutty brownies before?? The name comes from their outright inappropriateness – they’re just too good to be legal ....more

Sweet Sunday Six

It’s a good thing February has Valentine’s Day, because the frigid tundra that is NYC these days would usually not be conducive to any happy and/or lovey feelings. I definitely need a little extra chocolate and maybe some red velvet in my life to make up for the despairingly low temps! And since Punxsutawney Phil said we still have a lot of winter to go, better keep your oven on ....more

Cookie Butter Cup Blossoms

One of the first treats...more

Happy Superbowl Sunday!!

Happy Superbowl Sunday!! I know you’re most likely stuffing your face with dips and wings and pizza right now, but I figured I’d still go on with the standard procedures and throw in a little sweetness on your Saturday. I’m excited this year to have a team to root for (go Pats!) and maybe I’ll even try to finally learn exactly how the game actually works (embarrassing, I know) ....more

Coffee Milk Brownie Cupcakes

If you’re from New England, specifically Rhode Island, you may be familiar with coffee milk. Although I grew up in Connecticut, it wasn’t until the company Mantry recently sent me a box of goodies that I discovered the magic of coffee syrup. It’s basically coffee boiled down with pure cane sugar to make to a thick, yummy syrup full of coffee flavor ....more

Sweet Sunday Six

Bloggers really never cease to amaze me. Grapefruit Layer Cake that looks like an actual grapefruit? Dessert bruschetta with NUTELLA?? ...more