Sweet Sunday Six

I’ve had a really busy past few weeks, and nothing like having absolutely no free times makes me want to bake even more. I crave the cathartic process of mixing ingredients and making beautiful, tasty things when I’m stressed. Using my creativity in the kitchen really helps balance me out after a long week! ...more

Flourless German Chocolate Torte

Sometimes doing this whole blogging thing certainly has its perks. I love interacting with readers, getting feedback from people who try my recipes, and being known for doing something other than dentistry. But then there are the more tangible perks ....more

Sweet Sunday Six

I’ve been actively resisting all things fall themed ever since September rolled around, but I’ve broken down and somehow apple treats ended up in this week’s roundup. But maybe caramel apples are more of a summer treat from like fairs and stuff, right??? Okay, maybe not ....more

Chocolate Chip Cannoli Cones

A quick and easy post to go with today’s quick and easy recipe! I loved the long weekend, and I’m excited that today is already Thursday, but I probably could have used an extra day in there this week to get everything done on my to-do list. It’s been a whirlwind! ...more

Sweet Sunday Six

Happy Labor Day weekend!! Hope you’re enjoying yourself fully and not spending too much time online. Get outside and soak up that sun while you still can! ...more

Blogger Baking Basics: Chocolate Moosey

I hope you’ve been enjoying getting to know a few of my favorite bloggers with this series. And learning a thing or two as well! I am a recent follower of Chocolate Moosey and haven’t stopped drooling over Carla’s posts ever since ....more

Cherry Cola Jello Shots

Last week was all country-bumpkin and hearty, full of grains and fruit, and although we’re still dealing with some of summer’s best fruit, things are much more glamorous and sophisticated today. I’ve been wanting to do jello shots with cherries for awhile now, and figured I’d better hurry before the summer was over! I guess this week is the last official week of summer before Labor Day, but thankfully the warm weather and fresh cherries should still be around for a bit longer ....more

Sweet Sunday Six

Happy Sunday from Keystone, CO! Ryan and I are here for a wedding and having a blast, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share some desserts that literally made my jaw drop open this week. I mean, did you see the Chocolate Donut Hole Cake from Lindsay this week?? ...more

Blogger Baking Basic: Life, Love, and Sugar

If you’re not already a dedicated follower of Life, Love, and Sugar, you’re definitely going to have to add her to your blog reader after scrolling through this post. Lindsay’s recipes consistently impress me and I’ve been inspired day after day by her beautiful layer cakes, cookie cakes, and cupcakes! She takes gorgeous photos and splashes around plenty of color and sprinkles that make me smile, and I’m so excited to have her here today for another Blogger Baking Basic ....more

Peaches and Cream Quick Bread

August is the perfect month for fruity quick breads. The season is still offering beautiful produce, but the weather’s cooling down a bit so it’s almost tolerable to turn on the oven and we’re starting to crave a comforting slice of bread. Most of the ...more