I'm such a sucker for packaging

I'm such a sucker for packaging...more

I saw JR Watkins line at a products expo last month and swooned- their entire line looks so ...more

Rainbow Bright Paper Lantern

Snooki from Jersey Shore Halloween Painted Pumpkin

I wanted to do a memorable pumpkin this year and I thought this one would be just the ticket. I'm not a huge Jersey Shore fan, admittedly, I've caught a marathon or two on occasion. I do know that people are totally obsessed with Snooki and her funny ways and I wanted to celebrate her pop culture icon through craft. A while back I was thinking about her guidette hair and I had a funny thought that it looked like a mini pumpkin sitting on top of her head. So, with that random thought came the idea to do this pumpkin. And I knew I had to add it to my Halloween craft list!...more

Orange Velvet Halloween Cupcakes

For the past couple of years, I've been wanting to make this recipe! Red velvet cupcakes are so huge, but what about Orange velvet? I've never really heard much buzz about them and I was determined to find a recipe to try!...more
Not just Halloween, but great for Thanksgiving too!more

Simply Sparkly Pumpkins

An outfit that doesn't suck: We all must have one!

By no means do I call myself a fashionista. Sure, I can recognize cool things in the store, nice color combos, and if you asked me to pair up and accessorize and outfit I could if I had to. The thing is, though, that when it comes to doing this for myself, it is a lot easier said than done....more

I live in New Orleans and the weather has finally started to cool down and I've been thinking I ...more

Red Pepper Chicken and Olive Spread