National Margarita Day: Cinco Ways to Celebrate

Olé! Here in Dallas Texas USA the temperatures will approach the 80s this afternoon AND it’s National Margarita Day. Golly. If you don’t know what that means, let me give you a tip: P-A-T-I-O!In honor of this most auspicious occasion, yours truly offers up FIVE ways to celebrate locally. You’re welcome....more

Swiss Army Wives’ Book Club: Six-Week Selection #2

Ricky Gervais introduces me and makes a comment about the fact I’m still in my pajamas. I sideways glare at him, “They’re yoga pants, Ricky, and at least *I’m* wearing a bra.” Tina Fey golf claps as the camera pans to Brangelina and they smile and laugh uncomfortably … “And the nominees are …” ...more