Twin Baby Boys C0nlin

Hello! I could really use some naming help! My husband and I are expecting twin boys on Thanksgiving and are really struggling with names ....more

First-Day-of-School Clothes

Henry and I had a difference of opinion about his First Day of School outfit. My opinion was that the outfit should be one of his nicer ones: it didn’t have to include a vest and bow-tie, but maybe a solid-color polo shirt, for example, or a patterned button-down—but not a character t-shirt. Basically the same as a School Picture Day outfit ....more

Baby Girl Brant-with-a-G, Sister to William

Dear Swistle, I am 37.5 weeks pregnant with our second child, a baby girl. My due date is 8/31. Our last name is Brant with a G ....more

Summer Workbooks

This was my tenth summer with school-aged children, so by now I know not to bother saving all the workbooks and worksheets and flashcards and suggested exercises the teachers send home for summer use. When I see all that stuff, I WANT to use it. I’ll INTEND to use it ....more

Baby Boy Kennedy

Hi Swistle! Hubby (P) and I are expecting baby #1 in 4 weeks or less and still have not agreed on a boy’s name! Our last name is Kennedy, yep, like JFK ....more

Amazon Smile

As far as you know, is there any DOWNSIDE to doing Amazon Smile? I keep seeing mentions of it. The gist is that you choose a charity, and then from then on, a small percentage of every purchase you make at Amazon is donated to that charity ....more

Baby Girl Senepapna, Sister to Sydney, Andrew (Andy), and Natasha

Hi Swistle, I am a big fan and have been reading your personal site since the twins were babies and your baby naming site since it started. I am hoping you can help me now. It is very last minute ....more

Baby Boy Stuart, Brother to Easton Henry

Dear Swistle, I’m just new to your blog but love the premise of a sounding board for baby names – brilliant! I am expecting boy #2 November 3rd and we’re are stuck, in agreement, but stuck on what we consider to be an ‘okay’ name. We love every name on our girls list but have never fallen in love with a boy’s name ....more

Link Soup; The Gone-Away World

Two things. FIRST, I wanted to thank you vigorously for all the comments on the post about how to get certain points across to Rob. I feel like I have RICHES now, and from all directions—things I wouldn’t have found on my own, places I wouldn’t have thought to look, angles I wouldn’t have considered ....more

Teaching Boys About the Situation with Women

Today Rob got together with one of his female friends for a few hours at the park. When I arrived to pick him up, her dad hadn’t arrived yet, so I suggested Rob and I wait with her until he did. When he’d arrived, and Rob and I were on our way home, I mentioned that in general it is a good idea not to leave a woman stranded on her own ....more