Baby Boy Vargas

Hi Swistle, We recently found out that our baby is a boy and while I’m so happy for a baby boy, I had lots of baby girl names that I loved, but very few boy names on my list. I’m feeling a little stuck. This is our first and due in January ....more

Human Error

Rob and Elizabeth and I were having lunch at Wendy’s the other day when my attention was caught by a conversation at a nearby table. “Uh! It’s the WRONG SANDWICH!” said a woman, with an incredulous half-laugh ....more

Baby Boy Gray

Hello! I have been following your blog for a few years, and so I’m sort of excited to now find myself in a baby naming rut. I just found out (yesterday!) that our first baby will be a boy! ...more

Having Guests: Figuring Out Everyone’s Expectations

I’ve nearly forgotten what I was going to say/ask about the impending visit from Paul’s aunt/uncle. Fortunately, I ended that post with breadcrumbs: “With this post I’d intended to discuss the practical aspects of hosting/guesting: meals, activities, expectations, etc.” The first difficult thing is that they have planned a 3-day visit in our area (as part of a longer road trip), and they are staying in a hotel 30 minutes from our house, and they haven’t made clear what percentage of the visit they intend to spend socializing with us. This visit could be anything from “We’re staying in a hotel for comfort/non-intrusiveness, but we will be at your house from breakfast until bedtime each day” (this was my mother-in-law’s style) to “We’ll be in the area as part of a larger trip, and would love to get together for coffee with you while we’re here.” I suspect it is somewhere in between—in fact, if I had to guess, I’d guess right in the middle: getting together for a good part of each day to do excursions and talk, perhaps sharing 1-2 meals each day ....more

Baby Boy or Girl Aley, Sibling to Moses

Hi There! I am pregnant with my second, due in February. My first is a son, Moses Gabriel Aley ....more

Baby Girl J@rg@ns@n; No Middle Names for Girls

Hi Swistle, My husband and I are struggling to agree on a name for our first daughter. We both have a few guidelines that we don’t want to compromise on. First, his: he wants to name her what we will call her (he has a sister named Katie, not Kathryn or Kaitlin), and he doesn’t like middle names for girls (in his family, girls take their maiden name as a middle name, which is a fine tradition but I don’t think our name (J@rg@ns@n) lends itself to that as nicely as something like, say, Emery or Lee) ....more

Doing Something

“I really advise talking to yourself less.” That is something I just said literally out loud, to myself. Things are usually a little grim at the beginning of a school year, which is more surprising now that this means everyone leaves me alone for a big chunk of the day. I can picture Earlier Me looking at the situation with open-mouthed astonishment: “You have the house to yourself for HOURS A DAY and you are STILL mopey??” It’s odd how difficult it can be to do the things that I KNOW will make me feel better ....more

Baby Girl, Sister to Violet; A Name to Honor Grandpa Nathan

Hi Swistle We need help! We are expecting our 2nd girl on Sept 22. Our first daughter is Violet Aviva ....more

Baby Girl Salvati, Sister to Aliyah

Hi Swistle, Help us please! My husband and I are unable to choose a name for our second daughter who is due October 6, 2014! We had front runners but then they got excluded for one reason or another ....more

The Girl with All the Gifts

I just finished reading The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey, and I loved it. (image from I read it in part because I kept hearing about it, and I like to read such books early on, before I have to fight off the silly “I can’t read it now because it’s gotten too much fuss” impulse (“Oh, everyone who reads it loves it? Then I will not read it ....more