I am leaving it to God!!! I weighed in and asked for the Lord to be with me in that moment and well the weight gain was not as severe as I had thought. I prayed to Him knowing that I can't do this on my own and He needed to take over because without Him I am nothing. I have felt better in this time than I ever have in my whole life. I am Free!!! My part in this is that I will pray endlessly for what I am in need of and this is it....more


I do not know what has been up lately. I do not sleep all night long, I smoke, I clean, internet, tv. The list goes on and on. Oh yes and I eat and cant stop. My life seems to be going to crap and I need to stop it. I cry and hurt and I am tired of it. When will it be my turn to be happy....more

Overeaters Anonymous

I am going to do OA. It is one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. I have just gotten heaver and I am sick of it. I know there is something wrong with me. I need to get past my problems of my past and finally live my future. I can do this for no one but me. Please pray for me. Thank you ahead of time for the ones that do and bless everyone for even reading about my problem. I am tired of hurting myself and it needs to stop....more

Bread Addiction Sux

                  I hate bread....Why am I so addicted? It has been so hard because I am not like some that afford the food that you need to succeed. I eat sandwiches and the such because I can afford it. I have thin people around me that do not want to do the diet thing and I cant afford two different meal plans and the fact that I am the cook. I have to make what they like and then suffer through the smell of the wonderful food that I am making so I can stay alive. I was watching Dr. Oz and he had a Dr....more

I Think Day Three....It Feels Like Forever

                Well so far so good the keeping the drink thing right has gone good. I took a look in the mirror and hate what I was looking at...even if I lose all of the weight my skin will never look right. I can only pray for a miracle that I will either win the lottery or can save enough to get it cut off. Having bat wings and an extra butt on my thighs sux and to top it all off with my last child I had to have a C section and well I have an apron.....I begged the dr. to help her turn and he said no....more
Oh wishing you very much the best!  It's hard and people not in that position don't always ...more

What Am I Thinking

         Today I am starting a new life. I have diabetes, neuropathy, HBP, high colesterol and what seems like everything else under the sun. I had all but given up when I thought to I worth fighting don't get me wrong I did not come up with the answer right away. On one hand all I could think is I am tired of it all meds, exercising, monitoring food intake...all I was hearing was no no no you are doing it all boils down to I was tired of being tired....more
Good luck!more