Women Journalists Deeply Disappoint in One-Sided Coverage of Breast Implants

On the last day of Women’s History Month, my pride and pleasure in this celebration was diminished by the appearance of an article in Newsweek Magazine by two women journalists at the top of their profession, journalists who until now have always done wonderful work on women’s health issues. ...more

Media is Failing to Address Breast Implant Safety

From our friend, Lorelai Kluever, at Our Bodies, Ourselves. ...more

Priscilla Presley’s Face Injected With Industrial-Grade Silicone: What So Easily Happens When a Medical Procedure Becomes Trendy

From Pam Noonan-Saraceni “My friends have done it and rave about it.” “My friends look great, and it looks so easy.” “Everyone is doing it, so it MUST BE SAFE.” “I’m going to get it done too...” This is the thinking process for so many people when it comes to cosmetic surgery. It leaves a lot of room for terrible things to happen. Case in point is Priscilla Presley, who ended up with with industrial-grade silicone in her face. ...more

An Open Letter to Dan Savage

Dear Mr. Savage, I read your response to I Miss Her Boobs with dismay. You were honest in your inability to give good advice, but your answer rested on the assumption that this is just a sexual/cosmetic/emotional issue, when in fact it could be one of pure survival - the wife not wanting to extend the life-and-death struggle that all cancer patients go through.


Christina Aguilera Makes Us a Little Nauseous

From my friend, Mary McDonough: Recent pictures of Christina Aguilera, posted at Yeeeah.com, called "Christina's Boobs Are Revolting," are turning peoples' heads and making us shake ours. This poor girl! Is she another to add to the long list of celebrities that have turned to implants for job security and attention? ...more

...adds quite a bit of heft. It's not simple engorgement that has given Christina's breasts ...more

Supreme Court Rules You Can't Sue Medical Device Makers Because the FDA Does Such a Great Job Assessing Safety

The New York Times reported today that the Supreme Court has ruled that the manufacturer of a federally approved medical device cannot be sued under state law if the device causes an injury. This ruling has huge implications for the health care-technology industry and their victi – oops, I mean customers. ...more

Ad Campaign Against Statutory Rape Works Against Itself

I was appalled by this nonprofit campaign against statutory rape. Laurie and Debbie at Body Impolitic say: ...more

Can Silicone Get in the Way of Finding True Love?

In the March issue of Glamour, Gabriel Olds, an actor living in Hollywood, asks, “Was I really going to let plastic surgery get in the way of my search for love — again?” ...more

Breast Implant Risks and Cancer: How to Distract the Public from the Truth

From my partner in crime, Mary McDonough: File this is under the "HERE WE GO AGAIN!" category, girls. ...more

Breast Implants: If a Woman Gives Consent, Does It Mean She’s Informed?

I could rattle off a million reasons why women should not get breast implants. But at the top of my list, and what I have spent my life working on, is the issue of informed consent – a patient fully understanding the risks of this cosmetic surgery before going under the knife. Of course, in my biased opinion, anyone who chooses to undergo breast augmentation clearly does not have a good understanding of what could happen or they wouldn’t do it! ...more