America's Embrace of Fascism

There’s a lot of the world socialism being thrown around these days. However, the US couldn’t be farther away from socialism. That’s because it’s actually fascist....more

Stressed about the economy and world affairs? Meditate and be free

With the economy melting down fast, world riots and hyperinflation around the corner, how can mothers keep it together for their children and community? Simple. Meditate....more

Women and children, elderly and disabled victims of Schwarzenegger budget cuts

Banksters get billions in bailouts, zero percent interest and then turn around and charge 2-3 percent when lending to US. No such break for women and children, elderly and the disabled, as former actor and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced $19 billion in budget cuts....more

Obama vs. Miranda: We're all terrorists now

By speaking out against your government's fascist activities, which is your patriotic duty under the Constitution, you can now be labeled a terrorist. This has never been more dangerous time, as Obama is on an all out assault against the Constitution and civil liberties, as he wants to dismiss Miranda rights....more

Austerity Measures Coming to the US: How to Prepare Your Family for Coming Chaos

Did you know that the International Monetary Fund used more than $9 billion in US taxpayer money to bail out European banks this week? That there are 275,000 educational employees who are losing their job this year because of budget cuts? California just announced $19 billion in budget cuts to family welfare, disabled and the elderly! This tragic loss of public services is crippling your community and fueling chaos and social unrest.   Maybe you've felt it already with your school's budget getting cut, libraries closing, or mental health services eliminated....more

Obama denies Miranda rights to US Citizens: Welcome to Fascist America. You're next!

Americans who have not been horrified by the trashing of the US Constitution by Bush should really be afraid now that Obama will suspend MIranda rights for suspected terrorists who are US citizens. That means you, I, anybody can now be snatched up off the street for speaking out against the government because it could be "terrorism" against the state....more
No, it doesn't "mean you'."  Nor is it "our freedoms" Not everyone on the internet is ...more

US Taxpayer bailout of IMF for Europe $61 billion. What a scam!

Crazy! Europe announces a bailout package and everybody is overjoyed. IMF bails out, and nobody realizes that the US Taxpayer is on the hook for $61 billion! While our schools crumble, teachers are laid off, and roads deteriorate. Solve debt with more debt, that's brilliant! They do nothing to solve the underlying problem. Don't be fooled. It's all coming down. Probably next week.Namaste and Have a Magical Day...more

Save your Silver or get some now! JP Morgan price manipulation causes Fed Probe

What we've been suspecting for years. Gold and silver prices should be hitting the roof and the dollar going down when bad news hits the airwaves, but strangely it doesn't! Here's why!The Feds are looking into price manipulation by JP Morgan on Silver!Read all about it in the NY Post and Have a Magical Day...more

Preparing Women and Families for the Post-Economic Collapse

Women of the world are waking up to protect themselves and their famlies. What's happening in Greece and Europe is coming to America. The global economy is collapsing fast, no matter how much propaganda they can pump into the controlled media that things are getting better. Make no doubt about it, the winds of change are here and things will never be the same....more