Blog Commenting: Kill the Joker & Kick CAPTCHA to the Curb!

Sylver Blaque / SylverBlaque.wordpress.comWhat's up with barbwire-protected blogs?You know, the ones with unreadable CAPTCHAs, and other Comment-preventing issues that make you feel like you’re being leered at by the Joker while scaling a barbed wire fence....more
 @Barb H You're welcome, Barb. And you're so right about blogging being a learning experience - ...more

Flipsyde: Movie Talk

Sylver ...more

Fa La La La La – La La La – La!

Sylver You want to be the most giving parent possible.You refuse to be a parental Scrooge at Christmastime....more

The Girl Who Silenced the World for Five Minutes

Her name is Severn Cullis-Suzuki and she is the daughter of world-renown environmentalist activist David Suzuki....more
 @thetreehugger Wouldn't that be the most perfect outcome? God bless her...and us...that we can ...more

The Journalistic Notion of Objectivity: Missing White Girl Syndrome

 You are a very privileged girl.You are White.                Young.                         Blonde.                                  Thin.                                         Pretty....more

Forums: Helpers or -icks?

 I love forums. They are my digital lifeline. Nearly all helpers in forums are intelligent, experienced, helpful, patient, and likable. Not to mention beneficent for taking time out daily to lead the blind. These forum gods and goddesses are the kind of people us newbies worship more than celebs. ...more
@Shannon Wright Great! You'll find that the 99% (no pun intended ; - > ) are wonderful, helpful ...more