You Are a Mother.

Today, we celebrate Mothers.It doesn’t matter whether you work full time, stay home, work from home, foster, or are an empty nester.It doesn’t matter if you have one child or twenty.It doesn’t matter if you are infertile and will never have a child....more

I'm Here. And Kindergarten is Kicking my Hiney.

 Yes, in our house we say “hiney”. Mostly because it is super cute when my 2.5 year old with the speech issues says it....more

The Plan

So. We (meaning my doctor and myself) established that I now suffer from PMDD.I appreciate all of the support by way of comments, e-mails, tweets, and DM’s. You guys are great!I was offered two choices for treatment:1) Go on an anti-depressant.2) Go on a low dose birth control pill....more

Goings On.

I have PMDD. Go ahead and google it..I’ll wait…Sounds fun, huh?As if having a monthly “visitor” wasn’t bad enough, nor dealing with the aftermath of having 4 children in 4.5 years I got the “special gift” of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. No, not just PMS or even NASTY PMS, this is so bad it gets upgraded from a syndrome to a disorder.What does it do to me, you ask? (or maybe you don’t ask, maybe you click the ‘x’ at the top of your screen so quickly you hurt your clicking finger. That’s OK.)...more

We Remember

I could write my 9/11 story, but 10 years later there is so much about me that is different that I have a hard time even remembering what that day was like, other that just blatant fear for weeks each time I heard a low flying plane....more

Trading it Up in my Thirties

As you all know, I turned the big 3-0 in June.I've noticed that things are...well, different now. I am more...aware? of my body. I FEEL more. I must be a real, true grown up or something.I have made some changes to take better care of myself now that I am officially "aging". They are all changes that I should have made a while ago, really, but lucky for me they are coming pretty naturally. At least so far.Wanna see what I'm trading?Trade #1:...more
@victorias_view It seriously has been SO HARD, but I am {slowly} becoming addicted to water. It ...more

Last First Birthday

What a bittersweet day. My last baby turned one year old today. Right around the time I was pushing him out last year, he was eating his birthday cupcake and carrying on like the normal, healthy, insane child that he is....more

...and just like that

A few days ago, I went over to my daughter’s elementary school. The one she will start attending TODAY. It was the day to sign up for a carpool number, get her lunch account started, and volunteer for the PTA.THE PTA. Holy crap.I looked around and saw the gym where she will learn how to do a pull up and play dodge ball. Lord, please protect her and let her be a team player....more
@DesiValentine4 It really is so hard to let them go, isn't it?more