Out of touch with the present may mean massive dangers for the future

Recently I read an article on the Toronto Star saying that Amanda Todd's mental health was the reason she killed herself, bullying according to this author, had nothing to do with it. This disturbs me, on several levels. As a child the bullying I encountered became so bad I tried to kill myself in several disturbed and rather creative (I thought) ways. At thirteen I had tried rat poisen and blowing myself up. By twenty three I had gone so far as to mix morphine with codine and tylenol 3 pills with a few bottles of whiskey. Clearly I got lucky. ...more

Oh baby oh Baby

When I was twenty-three I got involved with a man who was needless to say, less than ideal. I was not in love I was lonely. He was good-looking, charming and most of all abusive. This post however is not about him. It is about the result of the damage he left behind. Shortly into our very whirlwind drama (romance being too kind of a word) I got pregnant....more