Perfect Potatoes a.k.a. Sentimental Spuds

As a writer, I rely heavily on my memory to help me make connections between food, my past and my heritage.  Or maybe it’s more likely that I depend on food to help me make connections between my memories, my heritage and the present.  What I am sure of is that food memories are powerful.    Whether the memory is triggered by sight, smell, feel or taste, it can be as strong as a lightening bolt and jar a memory that may have been hidden for years....more

The Life Within a Southern Tea Cake

The old-fashioned tea cake served as  a  treat for generations of Southerners prior to commercialized bakeries.   They could be baked up by the dozens with simple ingredients that were usually on hand:  flour, sugar, eggs, butter, milk and, if you were really lucky, vanilla extract.  This unpretentious treat was representative of the simple, hard luck times that befell so many residents of the rural south.  It was easy and quick and that appealed to hard-working, poverty-stricken families who looked for every way they could to scratch out a living....more

The Little Girl Who Wanted to Be a Mommy: A Modern Fairy Tale

Today we celebrated Amy’s birthday even though her birthday was a week ago.  Our family members could coordinate and harmonize their calendars better today than last Sunday.  A celebration can take place anytime plus I firmly ascribe to the ‘birthday zone”  theory.  A birthday is really too special to confine the revelry to just one day....more


 Good morning from the land of Syrup and Biscuits. Girl Scout cookies are on sale and I always think about my experiences as a Brownie and Girl Scout this time of the year. Here's a quick breakfast dish that I learned in Girl Scouts....more

Citrus Vinaigrette

Citrus Vinaigrette ...more

Being Neighborly

It seemed to me that my Granny, Virginia Phillips, was always sharing food with her friends and neighbors. She would say, “I just can’t make spee-ghetty (spaghetti) without taking a boiler full out to Katherine’s. She loves it better’n anything.” What an act of love and kindness! Just because Katherine loved her spee-ghetty, she always made a double batch. So much of the attitude of being neighborly is gone....more