Old As Hell

Its official, I’m as old as hell....more

How I Became a Lipitor Baby


Friday Favorites, This Week’s Best Blog Links

Hey ya’ll – welcome to the weekend.  As you know – we don’t stand on formalities here at The Liminal State which means that I can do whatever I want and you can come along for the ride, so in keeping with my tradition of breaking my own formatting rules, I have veered off the path set by my own carefully chosen title and included a couple of links that are non-bloggy…but there is a method to my madness....more

The Tears of Milli Vanilli

  There seems to have been some fundamental shift in the world of music when I wasn’t looking.  I was watching the VMA’s on Sunday night – not by choice mind you, I still have the rope burns to prove it – and I was shocked to discover that I didn’t seem to recognize many of the performers and of the few I was familiar with, I had not heard any of their recent music.  At first, I wasn’t concerned about this lack of familiarity with the details of pop culture – it changes so fast how could anyone keep up.  It wasn’t until Carla started singing along ...more

Friday Favorites, This Week’s Best Blog Links

  It’s funny all day long here at The Liminal State’s Friday Favorites.  Here in New England it looks like the summer of 2010 is rapidly coming to an end – cool daytime temps, brilliant blue skies, and at least one-dog nights.  I love the fall, especially here in NE, but my love is always tempered with a little bit of sadness….which quickly turns into wrenching despair as winter approaches.  I hate winter.  So, in celebration of fall and as a prophylactic panacea to the coming winter I’ve chosen four very funny blog posts written by four ve...more

My Best Writing Advice – Just Shut Up

I have only experienced an absence of sound once in my life.  It occurred when I walked 200 feet into the sand dunes on the Cape Cod National Seashore.  I was camping on the Cape one summer several years ago in a campground that bordered these magnificent dunes.  After being there a couple of days the huge hills of sand became irresistible so I decided to take a walk among them – as I got a short distance inside of the dunes I became aware that I was unable to hear anything – I stopped walking and pondered this almost palpable silence with a vague sense of apprehension....more

Friday Favorite, This Week's Best Blog Links

I’m dedicating this week’s Friday Favorites to Hurricane Earl who, as I write, is barrel-assing his way towards New England.  The links I’ve chosen have nothing to do with hurricanes or anyone named Earl except I’m looking out my window at the building cloudbank and hoping the kitchen sink sitting in my neighbor’s driveway doesn’t fly through my living room windows.  Why is a kitchen sink sitting in my neighbor’s driveway you ask…because that’s the kind of neighborhood I live in…. read the rest: ...more


  I was thumbing through this month’s issue of Health magazine a few days ago and was stopped by an article entitled Happy V Day!  Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Vagina (and a few things you never dared to ask).  At my age, I didn’t think there was anything I didn’t already know about my vagina but, always willing to learn something new, I decided to take a look at the piece.  The article contained the usual non-information that you find in magazines of this ilk including a glossy picture of a muffin with a caption that informed me th...more