New Year, SAME ME - No Resolutions, Just Goals

This year my resolution is - NO resolutions! But, there will be a word of the year and there are GOALS. But, no resolutions....more

Christmas Magic from the 'Me' Generation

Many people will say that the current generation of young people are in the "Me Generation". That kids are only about themselves or that they feel entitled to luxuries as staples in their lives. That they're ungrateful or uncaring. But, today, I want to tell you about a group of kids who make many adults I know look like chumps....more

In Search of Christmas Spirit

Hello? Christmas spirit? Oh, Christmas spirit? Where the hell are you??I'm searching high and low trying to find the spirit of Christmas this year. It's been very elusive and it's already December 16. Whoa. Sixteen days into December, the month of Christmas and love and giving and I'm simply NOT feeling it.Like, not at all. Not a single damn bit....more

Finding Strength from Within

Lately I've been fighting life. Family, friends, community, work ...everything and everyone. And it's time to stop....more

A Note to Elf on the Shelf Parents

Dear Elf on the Shelf Parents, Good job, you! First and foremost, congrats on setting yourself up for a month of craziness. I appreciate that you love your child(ren) so much that you've given them a crazy-looking elvish creature to look for every morning in the hopes of keeping them well-behaved before Christmas. Whatever works, right? ...more

The 50 First Dates Challenge

I love a good romantic movie. The kind that leaves you a sappy, soppy, mascara-streaked, hiccuping mess of emotions. The top movie that always leaves me crying - always - is 50 First Dates. And I'm pretty sure it's screwed up my vision of romance forever....more

A Sexy Catalog Cover, A Mom, A Tween Child: What Would You Say?

Oh, Victoria's Secret. Usually I defend you without fail. I buy your high-priced bras because you understand that large-sized women don't necessarily want to settle for “lightly lined” (read: ZERO support) bras or bras that are all function and no fun. But today you made me have a very uncomfortable conversation with my almost 13-year-old son. And I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. ...more
tababcock Excellent! -Momomore

Reflection of a Stranger: Prologue Share

My Strangers series is ready to have the THIRD novel added to the mix! Compliments from a Stranger was written two years ago and I wrote most of Stranger in Pursuit this past April. Now, I’m ready to dive into Reflection of a Stranger…I think....more

What is...Sexy?

I’ve been talking a lot about my novels to new friends lately and they all seem caught off guard when they find out I write…(whispers) erotica. It usually leads to a discussion about sex and sexiness and the general perception of this in the real world versus novels. Herein lies my take on that very fun word and concept....more

Define Your Life’s Meaning by Being Yourself

Call it a midlife crisis or finding myself or just a turning point. But at 40 I’m starting to finally figure out I’m okay to just be me. And I kinda like who I am.I’m finally learning – or maybe just admitting – that it’s just fine to be what I want and not what others expect. That if someone is disappointed in me, in the things I say or do, that’s a reflection of who they are, not of who I am. I do not have to live up to others’ expectations of me but only to the expectations I set for myself. I am allowed to determine what it means to be ME, to define my own life....more