The Women's Movement: Who Will Be the Next Gloria Steinem?

There has been a lot of talk lately about what's next for the women's movement. In a recent piece in the New York Times, journalist Sarah Hepola asked the question, "Why, in 40 years, has no one emerged as Gloria Steinem's successor?" ...more
What you've written really hits the nail on the head. Respecting the feminine in all of us can ...more

The Huge Silence in Reproductive Health for Adolescent Girls

The leading cause of death for young women between ages 15 and 19 worldwide is pregnancy, with 85 percent of these pregnancies being unplanned. This statistic is outrageous, and the situation does not need to remain this way. ...more
Both boys and girls definitely deserve access but I wonder if the parents also need something ...more

Get Your "S-Factor" On, Ladies

 Ladies, if you haven’t heard of the “S Factor” yet, it’s time to get your “S Factor” on. What is this and why am I encouraging it? Let me explain....more

Could a Photograph Really Up-Level a Woman's Business/

A good photograph commands a conversation. It even can change the direction of the culture. Think: Demi Moore’s nude seven-month pregnant body on the cover of Vanity Fair’s August 1991 issue. That photograph made way for women to appreciate their pregnant bodies – and even see them as sexy – as opposed to cloaking their feminine selves underneath baggy, unattractive maternity clothes.  Today women are celebrating their round-bellied bodies and embracing the beauty of their pregnancy....more