7: Currently

Current Book(s): Just finished Gregor the Overlander, and I’m about to re-read The Scent of Rain and Lightning for #twookclub!Current Playlist: I’ve been sneaking Christmas music via Pandora every so often lately, just to remind myself that the holidays are coming!Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Pumpkin hot chocolate.Current Color: Navy blue. I basically want to wear this dress every day. (I also REALLY want to get the OPI “Opening Night” nail polish from Sephora!)...more

Days 4-6: Definition, Eighties, Lava

4: DefinitionWe’re headed out of town this afternoon, so I gotta keep it short so as to avoid aggravating my carpal-texting pain....more

3: Expectancy

Last night in my Personal Health Awareness class, we learned about death and dying. (I know, morbid much?) At one point, the teacher mentioned a site where you can take a test to predict your life expectancy.I don’t know why, but I expected to see something around the 80s or mayyyyyybe early 90s. But apparently I’m going to live to be 102 years old....more

2: Rant

Those of you who’ve been around here awhile know that I’m pursuing a career as a personal trainer. You probably also know that I am an avid viewer of The Biggest Loser reality TV show. (But for the record, it’s about the only reality TV I care to watch; most others are not only scripted — as I’m sure some of BL is — but they’re just trashy. At least BL is doing legitimately positive things in people’s lives.)...more

1: Gregor

When I got my Nook, the first three books I read on it were the Hunger Games trilogy (lent to me by Katherine‘s awesome mom), and when Katherine suggested I check out the author’s earlier children’s series, the Underland Chronicles, I knew I would d...more

Letter to My Heart

Pentru inima mea:(For my heart) I've been thinking of how to "talk" to you, my Heart, about all that we've been through these last 23 years together. At first I felt like apologizing for all of the pain I allowed to be brought upon you. Or maybe I would reminisce with you about all the ups and downs, the crazy roller coaster we've been on ever since my first kiss in 10th grade... ...more

Forgiveness and Freedom

(Cross-posted from http://tabitharose.vox.com) ...more

Introducing me: the writer, the dreamer, the girl with an ordinary life she's extraordinarily loving living.

I love to write. I dream of being one of those lucky people whose regular ol' life musings, put up on some blogging website just for the convenience of it, are actually READ by a significant amount of people. And not just read, but enjoyed and anticipated. I dream of having the sort of writing that is thought-provoking or amusing or, dare I dream it -- addicting. Okay, I admit it. I want to be the Pioneer Woman. Or someone like her, anyway. ...more