Twilight: Eclipsed by the Ick

I just finished Stephenie Meyer's rambling, overwrought, vampire saga turned girlie phenomenon.  I have to say, I'm speechless.  No, not breathless, in the Bella Swan sense, but completely taken aback by the unexamined, creepy, 19th Century take on paternalistic romantic love this series represents.  First, to give credit where credit is due, the writing may not be the greatest but the story was gripping enough to have me on the hook for all four books in one week-long sitting.  That's my last bit of charity, however. The Story: Spoiler Central,  All Four Books ...more

There is something seriously wrong with the moms who are devouring these books/movies like ...more

October is National Disability Awareness Month, Congress Celebrated by Doing Something Useful

While all eyes were on the economic meltdown, congress quietly snuck in a very useful and important piece of legislation, signed into law September 25th: the ADA Amendments Act of 2008.     ...more

McCain Looks Worse than Nixon...And Some Actual Issues From Last Night's Debate

First some of the soft stuff: I watched the debate on MSNBC, which had the candidates in split screen most of the time. I think I had a more favorable opinion of McCain's performance (as opposed to his points) than did those who watched him avoid looking at Obama all night. When I saw it from a different angle in later footage, it definitely gave me a more negative impression of McCain. Definitely reminiscent of the Kennedy/Nixon debate, not that I was alive to see that in real time. ...more

So McCain's idea is for the US to become a military state, because that is the implication of ...more

The Economy....Stupid? Bail Whut?

One of the things I learned in law school is that there is a lot that I don't know. Specifically, there are many things that I will not know, despite looking very hard at a book for hours, trying to force my brain to care. Bank regulation would be one of those things. So, I recognized that "pleasedontcallonme pleasedontcallonme pleasedontcallonme" look on John McCain's face at the White House meeting yesterday. Brought back memories of antitrust class, circa 1999. Fortunately, people smarter than me have opinions on this issue. ...more

Supporting the Troops: Looking Beyond the Rhetoric

"Oh, now I can't even talk to you," said our Army Ranger friend, jokingly, picking up my Obama '08 button. As he headed out the door with my husband, he added "Barack Obama is a muslim!" giving us time to simultaneously respond: "No, he isn't" and "JohnMcCaindoesnotrepresentyourinterests!" ...more

No Gold Star for McCain's Preschool Plan

Put down those bubbles and get to work, kiddos. You'd better produce some results, or there might not be any money in the budget for next year. ...more

Leading to bad (or just plain wrong) educational policy.  This is how important the issue is, ...more

What is (are) your issue(s)?

What is motivating your vote?  What's keeping you undecided?  When you think about the nitty gritty issues for the next four years, what's most important to you? ...more

Taste Testing Two Recipes for Educational Reform

This weekend, I took some time to look through Barack Obama and John McCain's educational plans and compare them side by side.  Let me know what you think.   ...more

Another Reason Why the Supreme Court Matters

It's not the one you're thinking of. The Supreme Court is a "Ktchen Table Issue" this election season (and every presidential election season) because every piece of state and federal legislation aimed at economic and social issues is at risk from an increasingly conservative court. From the minimum wage, to employer health insurance requirements, to family leave - virtually every entitlement the average American worker has gained since the 1930s would be unconstitutional according to the ideology of some right wing judges. ...more

Off the justices issue for a moment, two people with no economic experience combined with no ...more

Come Sit at My Kitchen Table Part II: Barack Obama Edition

Thank you for sitting down with me to talk about Barack Obama's economic plan. Earlier this week, I invited a few McCain supporters over to talk about McCain's plan. I am still hoping they will have something to say. I am happy to talk to you, but hopefully if you have criticisms of Obama you will take the time to stop and look at McCain's plan, and offer your feedback on some of my questions. ...more