What Not To Name Your Business

Hi, I'm Jen, and I'm the owner and founder of The Girl People Call for Marketing Stuff. ...more

Mothers of America, So Nice To Meet You

As a college graduate who many years ago left an ivy-covered liberal arts institution with a philosophy degree in hand, I thought I knew everything. Throughout my twenties and thirties I worked for media companies that targeted the mom market; TV networks, websites and print publishers with products and content focused on parenting. In those days I thought I knew everything about moms. ...more

An Election Day Fix

I believe that there is a critical flaw in the election day polling system. And I think that if it were fixed, more parents would get their vote on. I'm talking about the standard practice of closing schools on Election Day, forcing millions of parents to bring their school-aged kids to the polls with them. When I bring my boys out in public there's about a 97% chance that they will misbehave, which brings on unwanted attention, embarrassment and frustration. ...more

Our Parenting Priorities Are Out of Whack

My husband's parenting priorities are totally out of sync with my own. When it comes to parenting our boys (ages five and seven), my huz, "E," focuses his efforts on two things: personal hygiene and sibling bickering. Examples: E has a Zero Tolerance policy when it comes to bickering and fighting. If the boys are playing Super Mario Whatever on the Wii, and someone's character powers up with someone else's magic whatever, the boys will fight. If E is around he will enforce the Zero Tolerance policy with an iron fist. Arguing over a Wii game? No Wii for one week!...more
Too funny! My hubby just recently jumped on the sleep/eat well bandwagon, which is awesome ...more

Dear Red One and Blue One

It should come as no surprise that I find you repulsive. Both of you. You're nothing more than soiled, foul-smelling loops of cheap terrycloth. Red, you're pretty much a joke. You were part of a four-pack sold at the Dollar Store! The baseball emblem that was so feebly embroidered upon you will soon be completely unraveled.  Blue, you were a resented purchase. You were expensive and in my eyes, unnecessary. Look at you now: The white half of the Pokeball isn't even white anymore. Despicable. ...more

Magic Words

My husband and I have been drilling into our kids' heads what Barney has been singing to millions of children since 1994: Please and Thank You are the Magic Words. Hopefully, Barney has had more luck with America's children than Huz and I have had with our own. Because our sons (Dipsy, who just turned 5 and Boo, who's almost 7) have NO freakin' manners.There are three reasons why this perturbs me to no end:...more

Mommy's Soothing Comfort Tube

Minds out of the gutter, people. I'm talking about the snug, warm, buzzing MRI machine into which my body was inserted this morning. If you'd like some background as to why I had to get the MRI, read this. ...more