Roasted Beet & Feta Biscuits

Biscuits couldn’t get much easier than heavy cream and self-rising flour… So I complicated it by roasting a beet and making them pink. I’d like to thank my new BFF, ...more

La Croix Giveaway // Snow Cone! Popsicles! Floats

Have you snow coned yet this summer? Do it up! Fresh fruit snow cones are what’s up ....more

Let’s Go To Portland // Food

Let’s start with another side note: I’m going to Seattle and Portland this week!!! Probably gonna eat all this stuff again if there’s time. I really drew out these Portland, posts, eh? ...more

OMG! Downloadable Phone Wallpapers!


Basic B. Burrito

I wanted to call this the Brokea$$ Basic B#%$ Burrito. But Basic B. will work ....more

Let’s Go To Portland // Places

Let’s start with a side note. I loved Portland so much, that I’m going ...more

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Ice Pops

What does it mean if you want to add googly eyes to everything? What if peeps be thinking that these specific eyeballs are creepy? What if my first thought was that it was more funny than weird, but maybe I don’t know things?! ...more

Tofu Bahn Mi

Right now, Elliot is under the couch hiding from fireworks. So despite the pup-fear, this weekend has been really great! I grilled tofu and corn Friday night and ate this at the picnic table ....more

Vegan Grilled Veggie Pizza

Yesterday was the 1st day of summer! I celebrated it by giving my picnic table a fresh coat of paint and making this pizza! (And staying in bed until 1 with a headache because of too many grapefruit fizz drinks and summer beers, but whatev.) So I grilled up a bunch of veggies in my fridge, while the dough rose ....more

Strawberry Hibiscus Pancakes (vegan)

I think hibiscus tastes like crunch berries. And I recently found some hibiscus powder! I’ve been wanting to add it to everything! ...more