Happy Tuesday

Woke up with the crud this morning. After sending off Out Today email, I saw I had an email from my group's personnel rep. I had to deliver a bad performance review to one of my group Friday. She contacted a (wrong) rep to discuss her review. The message was forwarded to the correct rep who forwarded to me. We've actually been working together on her performance plan, so he wants to discuss with me before seeing her....more

Things my boys say

08/09/10 Conor: I farted. That means in 4 minutes the poop will come. Maybe 5 minutes.08/09/10 Conor: I play the drums and Gavin plays the guitar and we'll have my rock and roll comeback.01/27/11 Gavin: Greeted me after work at the front door with: "Momma! You're a GENIUS!"...more