Friday Morning

I get so bummed when blogs I follow take looonnggg breaks from blogging. I completely understand the need to and the things that bring this about and I in no way condemn those bloggers. It just bums me out because I want to read about their lives and something new! ...more


Lately I've avoided this space because of it's ability to draw realness out of me that I'd rather keep buried. I do not have a perfect life, and though it's tempting to put that mask on, especially here, I can't. It isn't me, and it benefits no one ....more

Friday Morning

They're all so big! Pirate treasure... This is our typical afternoon...trying to get school work done while entertaining my little friend here.. ....more

Friday Morning

Sometimes...when we have a full day of school work to do but my kids are playing well, together, and outside, I let them. Instead of doing school work. Because it's so rare ....more

Disneyland for Six, Please

So we conquered one of our favorite places for the first time as a family of six! It was delightful, and fun and thankfully, mostly melt-down free! We haven't ever taken all the kids, and the last time we went the girls were a couple years younger and not as independent as they are now ....more

Life With Four

We've now been a four-kid family for one year. (Sheppy's birthday was last Thursday! How is my baby one already!?) I have a few observations.. ....more

Dear 2014

Dear 2014, I am hopeful for your potential to bring lots of fun and hope to our family. 2013 was very. very ....more

Oh December...

You've snuck up on me December. I love your younger sister November, but you December are not my favorite. Sure, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year ....more


We've been going through some major stuff in our house in the last three weeks. I could keep everything happy and pretty here on the blog, but a friend encouraged me to write, as it helps me process what I'm going though and this is my place to write! Ever since Shepherd was about four months old I'd noticed his left eye wasn't focusing and moving in sync with his right eye ....more