35 Things I’m Happy I Learned By Age 35

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Meet Michelle Welsch, Woman of the Week.

 You play it over and over in your mind long after it’s over. You want to savor it because it challenges how you think about yourself in the world in a way you hadn’t before thought possible....more

5 Simple Steps to Boundless Energy!

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Be Free of Jealousy, the Green Eyed Monster

, Oct 4, 2012...more

Meet Chelsea Crowell, Talented Musician and Advocate for Female Voters

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Meet Melinda Moore, Inspiring Eco-warrior and Game-changing Entrepreneur

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Brooke Peterson

Sitting down for dinner at a table for twenty, the words, “There’s something magical that happens when one woman empowers another woman,” caught my ear.  I twisted around to find that the source of such wisdom was a young woman that looked like she just stepped off the set of a photo shoot....more

Kyla Mitsunaga!


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