TalkingShopping Talks Makeup with Sarah Palin's Artist has been talking exclusively with Amy Strozzi, makeup artist to Governor Sarah Palin during the recent Presidential race.  Be sure to check out the site to find out what Amy had to say about the Governor's skin, her favorite products and what brands she used during the campaign.     ...more

New Vibrating Mascara from Lancome

We posted a video today  about the new Lancome Oscillation.  It's a vibrating mascara that comes with a big price tag... but it might just be the coolest mascara ever. ...more

Get a Goof-Proof Tan this Winter

The TalkingShopping girls love the holiday season for a number of reasons but when the tan that we worked so very hard to achieve over the summer begins to fade, no cheerful holiday decorations or even those beautiful snowflakes can pull us out of that depression! Well, it looks like we don't have to let ourselves turn into ghosts or bake our bods to death in the tanning beds to maintain that bronzed look through the winter anymore...we can fake it! See our picks at ...more

Palin Picks Up Ann Taylor in Reno

So Sarah Palin's still adding to her wardrobe, or at least her assistant is. The TalkingShopping gals found an article in the Reno Gazette Journal that said her assistant stopped at an Ann Taylor store last week in Reno to pick up a few things for the VP hopeful. Read the rest of the story online at ...more

Sarah Palin's Favorite Store in Trouble

TS Update: Get this girls!  The TalkingShopping team is kind of starting to feel bad for Sarah Palin and her "Fashion-Gate" troubles.  After she mentioned her love for shopping second-hand at her favorite consignment store in Anchorage, dubbed Out of the Closet at a rally in Florida this weekend, we thought Sarah's wardrobe worries were over.  Alas, yet another clothing controversy is brewing.  LA-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which has operated ...more

Michelle Obama Dons J.Crew on Leno!

Looks like Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama are still going head to head on the fashion front, and last night, Michelle stepped back into the political-fashionista spotlight while chatting with Jay ...more

Sarah Palin Defends Wardrobe at Rally!

From her mind-blowing wardrobe allowance to her high-priced makeup artist, Sarah Palin's campaign primping regimen sure has been the topic of some seriously heated political discussions as of late!  The TalkingShopping girls have gotta adm ...more

Sarah Palin's Makeup Stylist $$?!

So the TalkingShopping gals can't stop talking about the $22,800 smackers paid to Sarah Palin's makeup stylist,  ...more