Post-Weaning Blues: Late-Onset Postpartum Depression

Several months ago, I stopped nursing baby C for a number of reasons, but primarily because it was growing increasingly difficult and stressful to try to fit my pumping schedule into my full-time work schedule. I was able to breastfeed C through his first 10 months of life and it’s honestly one of my proudest accomplishments thus far, but the weaning process brought with it some unexpectedly dark days....more
This happened to me with my son. I nursed him for 13 months and slowly weaned. It was a ...more

Ridding my life of guilt and regret

I wish I could be one of those people who lives life without any regrets, who makes decisions in a carefree manner and never looks back. I know several people who live life this way (or at least claim to) and I envy that they are able to do this. But I’m most definitely not one of those people....more

Soap on a Rope: 9 Things I Wish I Knew Before My C-Section

I learned yesterday that one of my fave CILs (cousin-in-laws) is scheduled to deliver her first child via c-section in two weeks. Immediately, I wanted to compile a list of things to tell her beforehand so that she would be better prepared than I was. These are some of the things I wish someone had told me before my own c-section: 1) Arm restraints. They might strap your arms down for the surgery....more
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A Different Kind of Mommy Guilt

Even from a young age, I recognized that my mom is an exceptional mother. After reading the quote, however, I wondered if perhaps all mothers were as self-sacrificing as mine, but over the years, as I’ve gotten to know other people’s mothers I’m certain that not everyone is lucky enough to have the kind of mom that I have. Not even close....more
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Why I'm Hoping for a Girl Next Time

When I was pregnant, I secretly hoped for a boy. It was partly because my husband was very vocal about the fact that he wanted a Mini-Me and I wanted him to be happy and I was also probably influenced by Chinese culture’s strong preference for baby boys.   At our 18 week ultrasound, I was thrilled when we found out that we were having a boy....more
Hello there, TalkingThirty! We went through all of the back and forth on these types of ...more

A Cornell Legend Comes True

Cornelliana legend says that about 60% of Cornell students marry other Cornellians (although according to Uncle Ezra, in reality, the number is closer to 8%). During Orientation Week at Cornell, I remember reading about this legend in the Student Handbook, but the thought never occurred to me that I might meet my future husband there. I had met Jack briefly at a friend’s apartment one random Friday night during my junior year, but honestly didn’t think much of the encounter....more
Smiling - Isn't it wild how things work out like that! You were a lucky one to find your mate. ...more

C-Section Remorse: "I Was Robbed of My Birth Experience"

Throughout my pregnancy, I never considered the possibility that I would have a C-section. Who knows where I got this idea, but I just figured a C-section was what “other people had,” people with complications during pregnancy which I didn’t have. I only skimmed the chapters on C-section in my pregnancy books and we paid little to no attention to the C-section video in our prepared childbirth class. Needless to say, I had a C-section....more
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Silent Suffering

At a recent girls’ brunch, a friend I’ve known for years, shared unexpectedly, in a very emotional moment, that she had experienced a miscarriage earlier in the year. She explained that although she had wanted to tell us girls about it, she was hesitant since miscarriage is still such a taboo subject in our society....more

Breaking Up with a Friend: The Phase Out

I recently went through a pretty serious break-up. This one didn’t involve your typical break-up routines. No angry shouting matches, no tearful goodbyes, no couples counseling, and no changes in relationship status on FB. Before all you gossipers get too excited, I should clarify one thing. Yes, I’m still married. No, I did not leave my husband. This post has nothing to do with him. I’m talking about breaking up with a friend. A pretty close friend in this case....more