Ruffled Burlap Pillow Covers


Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub

It was another rainy day here in Texas thanks to Tropical Storm Manuel! We desperately need the rain, so even tho the weather put a kink in my plans....again, I won't complain!I wanted to share one of my favorite fall beauty must-haves today. It's my super-easy Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub! I love this stuff. I have horribly dry skin and as winter approaches it just gets worse. This scrub is my favorite way to combat dry, cracked skin. It's also better than anything you'll buy in the store, it's made with all natural ingredients, and it smells sumptuous!...more

Best Brownies Ever. EVER.

I'm not really a sweets person and I only crave chocolate once a month. Just keepin' it real folks, that's how I roll! But when I do want chocolate, decadent goodness, ooey gooey-ness...I make these brownies. They're so quick and easy to prepare. Almost to easy, to where you might be inclined to make them all the time. You've been warned, continue at your own risk!...more

Burlap Covered Pumpkins

It's been rainy here almost all week and temps have been in the high 80's-low 90's so it actually feels like fall is on the way. That's saying a lot for early September! I wanted to share this cute little pumpkin makeover in hopes I can force fall to get here quicker! It's working, I feel it! ...more

DIY Recycled Light Fixture Mirror

It is a dreary day here in Texas, but I won't complain because we desperately need the rain! Along with it comes cooler temps and it actually feels like fall is here! *insert happy-dance-because-I-can't-stand-the-heat-any-longer* That does however put a kink in what I had planned for today, so I've got an impromptu project to share with y'all this morning!...more

Fall Book Page Wreath

It's Fall y'all! I've been waiting all summer for it and wouldn't you know it I was sick that whole first week!! I had so many things I wanted to share with you guys, but I just didn't have the energy or brain function to do it. I hope you'll forgive me! Today's project is a quick and easy book page wreath. ...more

Falafel Lettuce Cups (Gluten-Free)

You scream, I scream, we all scream for FALAFEL! I think that's how that saying goes! If you love hummus, you'll love falafel. But falafel is usually deep fried and I try to stay away from things like that... or tweak them so I can still enjoy their deliciousness! I can't just not eat falafel. I wonder how many times I'll say falafel in this post. Falafel! These lettuce cups are soo good. And they make me happy. And they're pretty easy to make....more

2 Cheap & Easy Mail Organization Ideas

If you remember this post,   I gave you some ideas on ways to  get organized. Today I'm going to show you how to easily put those ideas to use without spending a lot of money.In/Out BoxesHere's what you'll need:Box (with a bottom and a lid) of preferred sizeScrapbook paper (contact paper would work well to)Mod podge or glue stick...more
I especially like the binder idea. Never thought of that but what a great way to hold things off ...more

How-To: Ditch the Paperwork and Get Organized

 If you're anything like me you have A LOT of papers, mail, business cards, and magazines laying around the house. I had no problem getting things like that organized, but it was keeping them organized that was the problem. Here are some tips that I used to help de-clutter my house and keep it clutter free. They worked for me, I hope they work for you! ...more
@Laurie Martineau I'm glad I could be an inspiration!more