Fitness At Its Finest: Walk This Way

 One of the mandates to come out of my recent dance with Hashimoto’s (and the ongoing run-in with menopause) is to practice some sort of regular exercise. You might as well have asked me to do an exorcism. In fact, I’d be far more comfortable expelling evil spirits out of my body than tying on a pair of running shoes....more

Don't Minimalize Your Bangs

 I’ve discovered that less isn’t more in regards to my hair. Recently, I committed one of the beauticians’ seven deadly sins, something about “thou shalt not cut thine own bangs.” It was New Year’s Eve. I couldn’t get an appointment to the salon in time. There were scissors handy. The rest is history (and in the wastebasket). ...more

Where You Can Go For The Winter

I’m thinking my cat has the right idea so far this season. At present, he is interred inside his “cat” cave under the bedroom dresser, with some special nip and a mini-fridge full of cow juice. Bring on the blizzards, Old Man Winter. ...more

Pets have it figured out, don't they? Our floor vents are where the dog hangs out (for heat and ...more

The Tannenbaum Tango

What did you do on Black Friday? Were you hunkered down in lines outside superstores during the wee hours? Driving from mall to mall to check for any lingering unbelievable steals? Sleeping in because you blacked out on tryptophan? Or were you up in the attic untangling a mass of Christmas lights?...more

Playing Hooky From My Life

I’ll admit there are times when the urge washes over me. I’m (supposedly) a mature adult with greying hair, a mortgage and too many dependents both inside and outside the home, counting the squirrels. Lately, there’s also a lot of stress and loss and big decisions looming on the horizon.   ...more

I suspect we are not alone; there are more of us out there. I used to love going to the movies ...more

Home Impoverishment

My husband and I have lived in our current house for too long. Usually, we sneak out sometime between four to six years, before various basic functions like heat and electricity start to go bad and need replacement....more

Upon Finding 50

Well, it finally happened last weekend. I reached the half-century mark on a balmy, sunshiny day more glorious than anything I could have ordered. Sure, there were piles of snow still melting down the driveway like tears, a reminder of the soul-numbing winter grey we’ve experienced in the Midwest this year -- but, darn it, the living started to wake up on Saturday! ...more

Hoarding Houseplants? Turn Over a New Leaf

I love plants and gardening, grew up in a family nursery and have a self-taught horticultural background. I have also dragged many pots full of hapless greenery around the country with me in my numerous moves before I learned to let go. I’ve been given countless clippings and sick plants because I have a “green thumb” before I had the courage to just say no. Geez, this sounds like I’m a recovering plant addict....more

Got Mail? Tackling the Paper Clutter

 In my mind there’s no question that the mother of all organizational nightmares is PAPER. And incoming mail plays a big role. Every day we wage a never-ending war with the insidious flow of personal mail, flyers, catalogs, newspapers and other “important” reading that we willingly bring into our sanctuaries. Our domestic castles have become expensive mail rooms for paper do-do piles. ...more

The Herring and the Stollen

It’s holiday time, and my old nemesis, Tradition, enters by the backdoor on the coattails of Christmas goodies. Let me be clear: I am not a person who swoons over the days of yore. However, I grew up in a home where the ghosts of foodies past ruled....more