Let’s All Snuggle And Be Merry.

It’s rather fun getting back into the swing of things. And that means writing a blog post that takes over 20 minutes! Yes, I was writing my blog posts in about 20 minutes for the last few weeks ....more

I Feel Free.

The most important thing I can say right now is that I appreciate my data entry work SO much. I wouldn’t say “yes” otherwise. We have a long standing work relationship and I’m always grateful for the chance to make money at home while listening to Pandora, and totally eating Bon Bons, if I can figure out what Bon Bons actually are ....more

How To Fall In Love, Part 2.

So what do you think? Do I talk about my marriage here? I don’t think I do ....more

Is There a Blogging Drought?

Are you all doing data entry too? I think you know that I’m like the US Mail. “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” In other words, not much stops my blogging ....more

Taking Care of Business.

As you can imagine, the data entry project lives on. And on and on. I can’t wait to trade eight boxes of 5,000 surveys for a check, but for now I’m still in the thick of it ....more

It’s All Right, ‘Cause I’m Saved By The Bell.

So I had my first flat tire ever tonight. This is strange to say, but it could not have happened in a better way. I was about a mile from home and with my mom in the car, so I was able to get the car up the driveway and we weren’t stranded on the side of the road with Des and Athena ....more

Don’t Panic.

I’m still buried under a pile of work. This will probably be the case for another week or two, or.. shudder. ....more

I Accept These Awards!

I’m not sure if you even know this, but I’m buried under a pile of work. For real. You know how I sometimes do data entry? ...more

Let’s Go Shooting Together.

Welp. It was another bad week, perhaps worse than last week. We didn’t have a stomach bug this week, but we did have a coughing kid, a dismal and cold grayness, and a leaky roof (in several places) – which, as you can imagine, feels like an invasion of the house snatchers ....more

Happy Birthday To You. You Live in a Zoo!

Well it’s time to register my blog for kindergarten because it’s five this week!! My first post wasn’t to be published until March 5, 2010, but on March 4, 2010, I set up my blog, came up with my name – based on a history of people mispronouncing my name – and I wrote out my first little ditty. This was the first post out of 818: Hello ....more