Teaching Holocaust Memorial Day

#HolocaustMemorialDay No doubt, it is critical to teach our children about history; but it is so hard to teach them about the realities of history.  As a teacher, it is difficult to find the lessons that will build the stories and voices who have been silenced; as a mother, it is difficult to teach the lessons without holding my children with my arms, close to me as I read the words. ...more

Preparing For The Blizzard ... in California

The Snowpocalypse is upon our nation....more

What My New, Programmable Coffee Pot Taught Me About My Entitled, Jerk Self

Yesterday I had 2 errands to take care of.GIS: “running errands,” and got “Hillary Duff Running Errands.”I totally look like this when I run errands.  I can hold my purse with one hand.  Skinny jeans.  Unstained white shirt. BOOTS.  We’re basically the same person....more

Are You Really A Parent …Or A Spy?

I remember when I was young, I wanted to amazing things that would change the world.I had no plans other than “amazing things” and “change the world.”(which could be why I went into Literature in college, rather than something more world-changingly-pragmatic like Political Science)Due to my inability to figure out how I could do these amazing things, I simply started with myself. ...more

Quick Story! – The Ageless Woman

Okay.So, my husband and I have 5 kids. I started having kids when I was 25, so that makes me 36 right now (I’ll tell you my age.  I won’t tell you my weight). But my husband is very tall, so my 2 older kids are just a little shorter than I am....more

It Started With The Apatosaurus, And Quickly Got Out Of Hand

 It all started with this.The mounted Apatosaurus head, which is awesome beyond words....more

Monday Coffee Break: Who Are You?? Edition

I think this quiz is appropriate for me right now.—> CHIC....more

Polish Week for SAHMs. No, Stop Laughing.

  This is the AXO Sorority.Listen. They clearly have their deal together. Considering I am eating reheated refried beans with leftover cheese, in a hoodie and size 12 jeans, I ain’t got nothin’ on AXO.  Except a degree.  And maybe a few other things.  I’m just saying…they look like very lovely young ladies.So what is this Polish Week and AXO?...more

11 Things That Moms Can Learn From The Pope

 I have been having really weird dreams lately.Last night I had a dream that I visited the Vatican and met the Pope.Which is pretty awesome, however weird it may seem....more

The Ridiculous Price of Food: Costco or Disneyland?

Last Monday I went to Costco and bought just enough to get us by for a while.Milk, bread, eggs, cheese, veg, meat, etc.  A couple other things, I’m sure.  Canned tomatoes, toilet paper and a pineapple from what I remember off the top of my head.It came out to $300, which was more than I was expecting…but that is about what we spend for a  shopping trip.It’s just that it used to be $300 for a big trip, when we stock up on everything; and now it is $300 for a “cover the bases” trip....more