Confidence Boost

Who remembers learning to ride a bike?  I do, mainly because it was super hot outside and since our neighborhood was brand new there were no trees to provide any shade.   We would ride up and down the alley for hours on end, sometimes racing each other or sometimes stopping in a driveway to catch our breath.  Nothing too difficult about riding a bike.  And I was so proud of my bike - a nifty little red Schwinn with a white leather seat.  It seemed so grown up, yet looking back on it I’m sure it was barely taller than a tricycle....more

You Never Know When You’re Going to Get the Perfect Picture

It’s Thanksgiving, and you know what that means.  No, I’m not talking about food, although the holiday does mean being thankful, and it does include turkey, dressing and pie.  For me and Hubby, Thanksgiving means we have to buckle down and finalize our Christmas card....more

If Elected as Your Boss, I Promise To…

It’s Election Day – FINALLY!  I, for one, will be thrilled when the campaigning ends and we can get back to what’s really important in TV land: dancing, singing and real housewives.  I mean really, with all of this campaigning there’s been almost zero news about the Kardashian’s lately.  Surely there’s some new scandal in their lives.  For the last however many months, all we’ve heard is mostly polite arguing, with each side trying to prove the other wrong.  And don’t get me started on the debates.  Hubby and I tried to take notes as we listened and wat...more

What Do Study Habits Have to Do With Work?

I just figured out what my biggest problem was in college.  I studied too much.  And how did I come to this revelation, you ask?  Especially now, since I’ve been out of school for quite some time, it seems like an odd thing to be concerned with.  If you look at my transcript – especially from undergrad – one would argue that I didn’t study enough.  Those grades sure don’t look like that of the next Einstein.  I have to credit being laid-off for giving me the insight to see that I studied too much in college.  Try to follow me on this; I kno...more

Hubby Was Right

Hubby likes to be right. This doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally he is right.  At that point he announces to anyone who will listen, “Hey, I was right today!”  Women stare back at him like he’s nuts, while the guys smile and give him a high-five.  This is because they too are seldom right. It all started because I was having “one of those days”.  You know, the kind where nothing makes you happy, with a funk hanging over you like a black cloud?...more

Feast or Famine

I’ve never understood why my calendar is such a mess.  Physically it’s a cute calendar, all hot pink and black (my favorite colors).  I’m talking about the schedule of things that fill my calendar.  It’s either feast or famine with my obligations and social events, with too much to do or nothing at all.  At least that’s the way it seems....more
Ugh, I hate being overbooked too!   Mostly though, your post made me laugh, and realize that I'm ...more

You're Not the Boss of Me

Little kids, especially toddlers, are fearless, aren’t they?  Not necessarily in a physical sense, like being unafraid of climbing the highest tree or skating downhill without a plan for stopping.  I’m thinking more about how they approach life.  While they understand a pecking order and that the very tall people (a.k.a....more

Reading Between the Lines

I’m not good at reading between the lines. Vagueness or ambiguity is totally lost on me. That’s probably why I was not too good at dating.  Never understood why guys could not be honest and direct enough to say, “You’re nice but I’d just rather be friends”.  Tough words to hear, but much better than waiting to see if he’s going to call you again. ...more

Wear a Hat, Gain Perspective

Perspective is a great thing.  Especially if you can maintain a healthy perspective, although that’s tough.  Deep down, we all know what’s truly important and that we need perspective to help us sort out all that life throws at us....more

Lasting Impressions: Lessons from a Men’s Underwear Buyer

I know a lot about men’s underwear.  It’s true.  As a former retail buyer of men’s furnishings, underwear was one of my categories.  Despite the seemingly odd nature of this job, I embraced it just like any other position I’ve had and wanted to be the best men’s underwear buyer around....more