One Wild Seasonal Meal: May

For those of us who lean less toward gardening and more toward foraging, Spring has some good stuff to offer.  There’s something to be said for letting nature do all the work.  In that spirit, this month’s seasonal meal stems from where the wild things are: your yard, the forest, a river or nearby field.  It doesn’t get much more local than that and you get to consort with nature while you’re at it.  And while I’ll admit that I’ve had some hits and misses with dandelion greens, I’m positively sold on mugwort and Japanese knotweed.  Get yourself a wild edible guide and hit the trails.  P.S. Don’t eat the poison ivy. ...more

Recycling: Good / Reusing: Better

Turning over your recycling to your town every week is great and everything, but think before you fling your more useful trash into the recycle bin.  Recycling still swallows resources and some materials may have plenty of remaining life before they progress on their spiritual path toward reincarnation.  Here are some ideas for getting extra mileage out of your food packaging through creative repurposing. ...more

Jennifer: Hmmm, I have a similar mystery person.  I think you're right about the caps.  The ...more

Outdoor Entertaining 2009

It’s the first day of May, which means the season for outdoor entertaining has begun.  Get that grill out (if it’s not already) and put it to work.  Grab some friends, acquaintances, random strangers, whoever’s around, and get this party started.  Pick a reason to celebrate!  Any reason!  That you still have a job!  That you don’t have a job!  Cinco de Mayo!  That you don’t have hamthrax!  That you do have hamthrax, but that you’ll be totally fine if you just go to the doctor!  That this is going to be the last mention of hamthrax in this post!!!  That the exclamation points will be tapering off any second now!!  Celebrate!  Let’s go. ...more

cant wait to taste these foods. I love outdoor, i love food! Perfect combination.


My Spring Fling: Morels

I adore mushrooms.  I love everything about them: the way they smell, the way they taste, the way they look.  Well, I suppose none of that brackety shelf fungi will be winning any beauty contests, and the same goes for huitlacoche (corn fungus that looks disGUSting), but chanterelles are pretty cute.  I love that mushrooms convert decay into something more palatable.  Nature can be so brutal and yet so simultaneously awesome.  Unfortunately, I have a little mushroom digestion problem that prevents me from going too far overboard, but trust me when I say I love them more than you do.  Just don’t make me prove it. ...more

One Seasonal Meal: April

We had our first sixty-something degree day here in Boston so we can now stop panicking that Spring has decided to skip a year.  I got worried there for a while.  Perpetual winter is a bleak concept indeed.  With the temperature lifting and the mood, not to mention the food, lightening, I’ve gathered a few spring recipes together for an early season virtual brunch. ...more

I Heart Artichokes

Contributing Editor Alanna has already started us down the path of the artichoke this spring, but this thistly edible could use some extra press.  One post to plant the seed, another to coax you on, and maybe a few more before you’re convinced to actually cook them if you’re new to their preparation.  After all, they’re intimidating with their thorny leaves and foreboding, though easily subdued, choke.  But they’re also delicious and, once you learn how to handle them, fun to eat. ...more

I love artichokes but I have never had them with green olives. This  dip looks so easy to ...more

The Verdict on Meat: Less Cowbell

Findings from a study published last week in the Archives of Internal Medicine concluded that regularly eating red meat increases the odds of premature death.  Pork, too, was lumped into the red meat category, unfortunately for me. ...more

Sally K: Exactly.  One of these days, they're going to do a study that proves conclusively that ...more

Picky Eater Pick-Me-Ups

I used to think I was an excellent parent because my kids would eat turnips.  Then they stopped eating turnips and a whole bunch of other vegetables, and I had to wipe that smug expression off my face.  I guess it wasn’t so much that they had liked the turnips as they hadn’t formed an opinion about them, yet.  And when they finally did, forget it.  Many years and many vegetables later, it’s been like a never-ending game of Sorry.  We take 7 steps forward, 4 steps back, and just when you think you’re in the safety zone, you get bumped back to Start.   ...more

Elaine: Glad to meet another proponent of the one-bite rule!  It warms my heart when the kids ...more

Bartering is Back

Now that the First Lady has announced the creation of an organic vegetable garden on the White House lawn, I’m feeling empowered.  Like maybe it was my BlogHer post on the subject that may have tipped the scale in our favor.  So now I’m wondering what else we can revive, preferably a well-established idea onto which I can just piggyback at the last minute.  I know.  Bartering! ...more

swatchchick: Good idea.  I've noticed that a lot more local companies have become willing to ...more

One Seasonal Meal: March

It’s almost Spring.  Yay!!!  We’re on the cusp of it, which means, at least for me, a blissful sort of anticipation and yet an utter confusion about what to cook.  It’s still technically winter but I’m sick to death of root vegetables.  Still, it seems like artichokes and asparagus might be jumping the gun a little, at least where I live.  So, we’re mixing and matching this month, as I patch together a seasonal meal from what the blogs have been serving up: a little winter, a little spring, but lots of flavor. ...more