New Year, New Sex Life?

Taken from my fave blog at I love New Year’s Resolution time.For a limited period, people feel comfortable sharing their hopes and dreams for the coming year.  Whereas during the rest of the year people may feel inhibited in discussing their introspective feelings, during New Year’s Resolution time it seems more popular to talk like Oprah....more
so true....i feel like with my sexual issues i can't just will them to go away because its a new ...more

Better Sex Blog

When 'We' Starts To Feel like 'Me' If you’ve ever played doubles in tennis, you know the intricacies of what it means to be on a two-person team.  You practice strategy. You capitalize on your personal strengths. You communicate.  You make adjustments when necessary. And you’ve got each other’s back....more
my boyfriend and i have been having issues sexually and i really relate to alot of what is ...more