Forever Young: Mindful Nutrition

When you choose a Self-Improvement Lifestyle, every single day ushers in a new opportunity to gently improve your self [body mind spirit] and your life in some small way. One of the foundations of this type of lifestyle is mindful nutrition....more

food supplements can provide us with needed vitamins and minerals we need but the food we eat is ...more

Get Rich, From The Inside Out

Self Responsibility Is The New Rich.  It means to become RICH from the inside out. When an individual takes full responsibility for their existence they can attain anything on earth that they truly desire, therefore, the resourcefulness of their personal power is beyond the limitations of mere financial gain....more

Victim To Visionary

I believe you were born to become the most powerful person you know. YOU WERE BORN TO BE A VISIONARY Successful people have a very specific belief system. They also have an ability to envision their lives, themselves and their futures in a way that brings their desires into reality. ” You are born to be a success, yet you are programmed to remain where you are.” _ D. Neagle...more

Are You in Deep

When we are ‘in deep’, wether it’s because we’ve taken on a huge passion project, or because our personal world is inflamed, having someone to hold the vision of our best outcome for us is the difference that makes the difference. It always, most certainly, makes a difference in the quality of life we get to live....more

Do Life Right

A moment ago, while making lunch, I noticed I was in the greatest flow. All of my moves were purposeful, my breath was wide and deep, my mind was present and relaxed as I was choosing super healthy foods. Appreciating this, I said to myself, “wow, see how easy it can be when you commit to do life right“....more

The Mysterious Top 10


SO TRUE! Gosh - life is SIMPLE and boy our minds really do complicate things, don't they. Thanks ...more

Money Chatter Challenge

Today’s post is for you if you want to improve your relationship to money “casholla – the green stuff”. Personally, I always see room for improvement in this area, so I study ways to do so, and am continually increasing my awareness around ‘what is’. I’ve decided to unleash a technique of mine, that I’ve formerly used to successfully silence my ‘inner critic’, onto my own negative chatter about money....more

Work For Family

A big part of my life and what I am about is pursuing work that expresses what my spirit wants to express. Initially, I left home at age 20 and moved to The Big Apple on a one way ticket to pursue a career as a film actress. I’ll tell you more about that journey another day. Years later, I found myself working on film sets as part of the behind-the-scenes production teams in Los Angeles....more

Self Responsibilty

I have repeatedly asked for guidance about my parents. I’ve spent a good chunk of my self examination on their influence on me, and what I thought “they did wrong”. Once, while seeking guidance about ‘why my childhood went the way it did’, the response I heard went something like this: People can only give you what they have....more