Boy! You better take a bath and learn how to speak!

To Shelter or Not to Shelter.  From my observations, there are two main directions parents take when raising their kids. The first way seems to be the "shelter" approach and the second is the "not shelter" approach. Many times parents believe they must protect their child from any harm......more

From Chuck E. Cheese to Sushi


Knocked up at 41!

www.myteenagerandtoddler.blogspot.comMost people I know start their families at a young age... get married in the 20s, kid number one at 25, kid number two at 28... you know the routine. I started out this way. Got married at 21 and had my first child at 27. Then I spent the 30s building a career in marketing and advertising while staying in a not-so-exciting marriage where I ran a business, raised a child and reluctantly dealt with a husband....more

Ruining my Kids. One Day at a Time.

www.myteenagerandtoddler.blogspot.comThere are many moms out there that are perfect. I mean, perfect in every way. They are organized. They always look polished. Their SUVs are clean. Their houses are clean. Their kids go to bed at a set time every night - after having dinner at the exact time each evening. And, of course, the meals provided have been home-cooked and are planned in advance for the week. Meatloaf on Monday. Roast beef on Tuesday. Spaghetti on Wednesday. You get the picture....more