Did You Have a Mari-juana Christmas?

I am wondering if I truly am old fashioned, behind the times, and/or a product of a law-enforcement family? I am still surprised when I learn of open and liberal use of marijuana by young adults and their parents…even though it is still illegal here in Connecticut....more

Who Keeps Messaging Me? An Angel? Departed Loved-One? God?!

Have I totally lost it? Or have I officially been messaged —repeatedly now—by an angel, a departed loved one, or even God?!...more
I read the rest from your blog post.  Signs are definitely prevalent.  I may struggle with my ...more

Are You A Boat Rocker or A Doormat? No More Christian Nice Girl Can Help You Figure It Out!

If you know me or have read even a few of my rants, you might be justified in calling me a boat-rocker. One who speaks up, goes against the tide, and says, “Hey people, the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes!”To be honest, I’ve heard more than once in my life, “Why can’t you just let it be?” “Stop being a bulldozer!”...more

Orange is the New Black has Me Seeing Red!

I applauded heartily—all by myself–though I sat in a packed house at The Hartford Stage last Thursday night....more
I don't have an issue with creative sentencing. If appropriate, people could work off their ...more