One and Done?

It's common when we ask our friends, family, and ourselves about potential parenthood to use the plural. "Do you want kids?" "Do I want children?" But what about a child, a kid? Just one? Wes and I always imagined having two kids, but then we actually had a child. I think it was Tina Fey who talked about how the circle of her family didn't feel complete until she had her second child. Others have said they knew immediately upon their first child's birth there would be one or two more. That didn't happen here and Wes felt it too....more

From Co-Sleeping to Crib (Mostly)

I am writing this while Seeley naps in her crib. This is a big deal because, up until this week, Seeley took her naps on my lap. It's kind of embarrassing to share that; that I would literally sit and read or watch tv for an hour while Seeley slept on me. She was (and is but thankfully seems to be phasing into deeper sleep) a light sleeper and I didn't want to move her and wake her up. And I didn't mind. And then I did. Seeley is eight months old now and moving around. She's bigger and doesn't fit easily on my lap anymore....more

Sleep: Something I Used to Do


Mommy Stress

Leap Year! Then and Now

Last Leap Year went unoticed. I probably thought February 29th sounded a bit odd but then assumed there's always a February 29th and this was just another thing I didn't know. I don't say that to sound self-depricating or pathetic, I say it because four years ago Wes and I were engaged in a life of not knowing, trying to learn and wandering blind. ...more

Unschooling: If You're Bored You're Boring

There are three schools surrounding our apartment. Up the hill is the Portland Jewish Academy, one of the best private k-12 schools in Portland. A block to our left is Mary W Rieke elementary and Wilson High School, both public schools. During our walks I can see the kiddos at recess and I have to steer clear of the 15-year-olds that were somehow given drivers licenses. It's nostalgic and makes me smile to watch the kids play tag and shriek with joy or listen to the teenagers gossip as they loiter in front of the gas station....more

Life With a Four Month Old

Seeley isn't officially four months old until Monday, but today feels like a good day to do a four month reflection. Time is moving by waaaay to fast. Yet some poopy and cry-filled days feel soooooo long! I've made a little list of what's going on now that this baby is out of the "newborn" stage (tear)....more

The Goodness of the Hodge Podge

Let us take a moment to appreciate the wonderfulness of ingredients thrown together in containers and cooked. Slow cooker meals like chili and soup? Fantastic. Casseroles and baked mac and cheese? Perfection. We must not forget the potential of the pie plate....more