Lessons Learned During Week 2 of Marathon Training

I'm following the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Marathon Training Plan on my way to my first marathon 1 year after I started running consistenly; and I just finished up week 2.Lesson #1 Learned: Doing the long run at the beginning of the week is extremely motivating....more

What Giving Thanks Really Means

Yesterday on the evening before Thanksgiving Day, I was in the local supermarket in Ann Arbor MI, picking up a few groceries. I saw a man who was clearly well off, judging from the bling watch and rings on his finger. He looked like a former professional athlete and he was there shopping with 2 or 3 other men who looked like they were homeless or clearly destitute. They were also picking up groceries, talking and laughing. It warmed my heart so much - because that's exactly what Thanksgiving is about. ...more

I really enjoyed your describtion of the scene in the supermarket. I am thankful to see, that ...more

Latecomer looking for a room

Anybody else late?? I'm looking for a room to share. I'll be in Chicago early Friday morning - wish I had known the hotel rates would be so pricey! Oh and I'm staying through Sunday. ...more

IThis may not work, but I have a room at the W and am trying to finda roommate, only thing is i ...more