Reason #11 I love Crossfit Roots

Teaching an old runner new tricks. Earlier this summer, I completed a running clinic offered by two Roots coaches. Believe it or not, it was the first time that I’ve ever gotten any sort of coaching on my running ....more

I should know better.

By my age, after all the training programs and race preparation I’ve done over the years, you would think I wouldn’t be making rookie mistakes anymore. Well, you would be wrong. Notice anything suspect about my bike mileage last week? Especially as compared to the week before that? ...more

Bend it like Beckham

We haven’t done many classes with Eli. Besides baby sign language and African dancing. I mean, it is Boulder, after all. But all that changed today with soccer class! ...more

How my perky girls scored me some caramels

My friend Jen needed a model without, in her words, “big saggy boobs”. I needed new headshots. We traded services and it was a win-win for all involved. Especially because Jen takes amazing photos and the client of hers that I was modeling for was a local caramel company, Helliemae’s. Seriously? I love it when the universe presents such a wonderful opportunity. ...more

And it was all yellow


Handstands, you shall be mine

We’ve been doing a lot of handstand push-up work at the shop lately and I had a minor breakthrough the other day. After kicking up to the wall into a handstand, I was able to lower my head and then push myself back up. With the help of three mats. ...more

Kick Start my heart (and my running)

I decided it was finally time to (wo)man up and give back. So I applied to be a Personal Motivator with the Skirt Sports Kick Start Colorado program and was accepted. Kick Start is an amazing program that provides beginning runners with the inspiration, the training plan and the skirt to help them finish a 5K. No excuses. Just empowerment. ...more

Planting seeds in April snow

March may be the snowiest month in Colorado but April features the sneakiest snow. Probably because it goes from 73 degrees one day to 23 degrees the next. Everyone is ready for spring and yet Mother Nature has to be sure to express her dominance once again ....more

Project 365: Q1 Update

Out of the 97 days so far this year, there are two that I missed in my quest to take a photo a day. Not bad. And actually better than I thought I’d be doing at this point. (This is a small summary. You can see the full set on Flickr if you’re really interested.) ...more

Worms and mindfulness

I’m writing this to remind myself that even when I think I’m being a bad parent, there are lessons & adventures aplenty. Today was an interesting one on the bike path. After a day of rain, the precipitation had stopped but there were puddles everywhere. I noticed that it was wet and started pedaling to the nanny. About halfway there, I began to look down at my bike, instead of checking out my surroundings. That’s when I saw the worms ....more