Divorce and Missing the First Day of School

One of the things about divorce that you really never get used to is that you will miss milestones. On Tuesday, the twins start Kindergarten. It is not my week, meaning it is not a week I have my kids. They are with their dad. So getting them ready for school, packing their lunch, snapping that photo (as I did with my eldest) of the two of them on the front lawn, smiling eagerly into the camera, will not be mine this year. I will go to their school on Tuesday morning and see them, and bring my camera and give them hugs and encouragement before they walk in the door. But still, it’s different than if they were here with me; it just is....more
Tara--thank you so much for writing this. There are so many things that are different when you ...more

Why Being a SAHM Isn't Enough Anymore

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