Women Create is Jazzing Things Up!

Coming on March 31st, the community of Jamestown, NY will be celebrating SWAN day (Support Women's Art Now) I'm honored to have one of my paintings in this wonderful show and to be featured in today's Women Create blog segent. My friend and amazing photographer Heather Mencer took the photos of me for an additional photo flag book that is in the works of being compiled for this upcoming Art Show....more

Free Car Wash Prayer Time

Do you have a point card for a convenience  or grocery store? Last week, when filling up my car with gas and coffee mug with coffee; I was surprised to receive a "Free Car Wash" at the checkout. After a lot of slushy, salt covered winter driving; the car wash coupon could not have come at a better time - for me and my winter weary Dodge Stratus....more

Hope floats

Have you ever watched a young child learning how to swim? This task requires a number of safety precautions and some detailed planning. First, it's necessary that someone who knows how to swim be in the pool, second the child learning to swim needs to have the support and help of their parent in the process, and third - this child learning to swim needs to enter the water with the right kind of equipment. A few years ago, my nephew took some classes to learn how to swim because Grandma had a small pool in her backyard. ...more

20 minutes to shine

"20 minutes to shine.What a promise.What a hope.While chemist-like trappings give the impression of control and order.There are cocktails, concoctions, and vials that speak volumes to potential.I admit to loving this promise.Wanting the contents of this bottle to do its best work - to draw all the vibrancy, lusture and gleam to the surface....more

Epiphany reframes it!

EPIPHANY noun, plural -nies....more

New beginnings