(PHOTOS) Haiti Has Our Hearts One Year After the Earthquake

As we mark the passing of this first anniversary since the devastating earthquake, the real stories are being told all across Leogane, Port au Prince, Petit Goave and the entire country. MSNBC and ABC must sell more advertising by focusing on the negative, because the positive is not very hard to find. It stands out all around us. It begs for us to notice. ...more

After being inexplicably personally devastated by the aftermath of an earthquake on an island ...more

Raising Third Culture Kids

Two years ago our family packed up and moved to Haiti. Prior to our move we were hearty Minnesotans living a normal suburban life. In the past two years I've watched as my children, ranging in age from 1 to 18 have tried to reconcile their two worlds. They have lived in the land of vast prosperity; they have lived in the land of complete devestation. They are changed. Their life-experience will forever make them odd to the kids they meet in America. ...more