My Uniform Isn't Working Out

I am wearing my uniform today — black pants, black performance hoodie over a racer-back tank, running shoes and a ponytail. I put on this uniform almost every morning, hoping it will serve its purpose....more

Career on Ice

I put my career on ice a few years back.  I’m starting to thaw it out.Like a feast that was just too much to eat at one time, my career became too much to devour along with everything else on my plate.  I had to pack it up and put it away for later....more

Steve Jobs Made Me a Better Mom

Sure, he invented some of my favorite gadgets, but more importantly, Steve Jobs has made me a better parent.His inventions made it possible, and fun, for me to do the most important work of my life.  His creative spirit reminds me to appreciate and nurture all the joys and frustrations of childhood, because therein lies the genius of invention, the engine of progress and the simple joy of life....more

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

If you want to feel really old, watch the MTV Video Music Awards while learning to use Twitter.   Just watching the VMAs poses a high risk for seizures in anyone over 30, but when you do so with a laptop open to the Twitter feed for #VMA, you’re in for massive brain overstimulation....more