#1 Reason Why Things Aren't Going As Planned

A confident woman recognizes the need to have a vision for her life, and she recognizes that she must work her vision in order for it to come true. [Tweet This!]There is nothing I hate more than something not going as planned. I admit I am not a “go with the flow” type of girl, and I never think I will be. The funny part is when it comes to life there are some things I have control over, and other things I don’t....more

SCANDAL: Does a Man Have to Earn You?

Short Answer: YES! Long Answer: Keep Reading….Scandal really heated up this past week. I admit I am a Scandal fan. It is not a guilt pleasure by any means. I am not ashamed to say I watch a show where the main character (of color!) is a powerful, confident, independent woman by day and a vulnerable mistress (of the President) by night for several reasons.Is Olivia Pope doing wrong? Yes! But, I am conscious enough to know that this is entertainment. The name of the show says it all–what were we expecting?...more

How Can A Woman Tell She Has Arrived?

As I am writing this I am watching Lift Every Voice on BET, which is featuring Peter Thomas and Kandi Buruss from Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). Both provided authentic testimonies, and it was refreshing to hear them both share their testimonies about how they have failed many times, but still learn from their mistakes and hardest moments, and now live life’s that they dream of....more

8 Things Successful Women Do Differently

Successful people do things differently. It’s the truth. The question is, are you doing these things? Are you preparing yourself to live the life you have always wanted? The one you’ve dreamed about. The one you are more than capable of living. Success is not only for certain people. It is something that anyone can achieve....more

Do You Recognize the 7 Warning Signs of Low Self-Esteem?

Lately, I have noticed that self-esteem is a killer. It kills spirits, souls, and dreams! Shoot if we’re not careful it could take lives. Women walking around that we see with smiles on their faces, but secretly hurting on the inside. Low self-esteem creeps up on us. It happens to the best of us. No one is safe from it. But, the quicker you can recognize you are a victim of it. The quicker you can be a survivor, and on your way to being a Regal Real women who is both fabulous and empowered. Who has high self-esteem and is living the life of her dreams....more