Quick Bad Day Fixes

If you stay at home with your kids, you know there are days that you have contemplated locking yourself in the bathroom with a tub of ice cream and ignoring the screaming children that need all of your attention until their other parent gets home.  If you don’t ever contemplate doing this, I don’t either, I’m a perfect mom.  Just go ahead and quit reading this right now....more

Sometimes Mommy Needs a Vacation

When I became a mom, no one told me that my baby would drive me crazy someday. No one said that there would be a day when you just needed to be ALONE. Over the last (nearly) two years, there have been times where I've wanted to just use the restroom solo -- even the dog joins me now! I've also had moments where I just need everyone to remove all their hands, feet, toys, etc from my person so I can just be me without their attachments. ...more
I remember those days and feel for you! One thing that used to help me feel sane and like there ...more

Our Week With The Letter A

I posted earlier this week that Xander and I are starting what I’m calling “Mommy School” since we aren’t sending him to Preschool anytime soon.  This week we focused on the letter A and all the things that begin with it.  While I’m 99% sure most things I say go over his head, we’re having fun and the point of “Mommy School” isn’t getting him into Harvard, it’s merely exposing him to what he’s missing out on by not going to Preschool right now.  (However if he does go to Harvard I’m totally taking all the credit!)...more

Mommy School and Weekly Comparisons

This week I’m starting something new with Xander.  Really I’m RE-starting it, because back in California I was doing pretty good.  Then the move happened and I was too busy getting our house together, not to mention I was big and pregnant and about five million other excuses.  Anyways, this week we’re starting what I’m calling Mommy School.  Since I stay at home, we don’t have any plans to put the boys in preschool, so by doing “Mommy School” I’m hoping to expose Xander to some of the things he’d be doing in a preschool setting....more

Timeout Tuesday: I love boys!

Growing up I was a girly girl, maybe not always on the outside, but definitely on the inside.  My cousins always wanted to catch snakes and I always tried to talk them out of it–which never worked.  I didn’t like baiting my hook when we went fishing, or even taking the fish off of the hook once I caught one.  I hated playing softball during the summer, I only played basketball during 8th grade because every single girl in my school did.  (It was a VERY small school!) And any other time there was exercise I tried to find a way to ditch.  (In high school I got my athl...more