Almost There!

After today, there are 2 more weeks until semester 2 is done. I can not wait for the break, but at the same time there is still so much to learn.  I see great opportunities coming my way and I'm not so unsure of the future. I've been given great opportunities and I am determined to make them work for me....more

Friday Wrap-Up

I'm in the last 4 weeks of semester 2, and it's crazy busy, as expected. I can not wait for my break, I need the brain rest. This weekend, including today, will mostly be spent at the college. I'm not a fan of working in that cold-ass lab, but it's somewhat less distracting then working at home. The fact that I want to get out of there, makes me work much more quickly and efficiently....more

Part 1 - Getting Older

Most of the time I don't think or stress about aging. It will happen, no matter how I feel. For the most part, getting older is great, or at least I'm neutral about the whole process. But sometimes, I don't like to see it in action. The gray hairs creeping up. The crackly joints, getting louder. My nails are changing, ridges appearing where they used to be smooth. Not impressed, at all....more

"Pesto, Geese, Books: Friday Wrap-Up"

I harvested the largest crop of basil, so far, earlier this week. So of course I had to make pesto. It was delicious!...more

Where Have All the Bees Gone?

I forgot to share our dressed up garbage truck this past Tuesday, Canada Day. I've never seen a flag draped across one before.Kai wants to know, what the heck happened to all of the bees?...more

A Little Sunday Something

If you look closely you can see green, plum tomatoes. One of the only good reasons, to grin and bare the summer heat....more

Friday Wrap-Up

I will say that school is getting more challenging as the semester continues, but I'm starting to build websites that I will be able to use in the very near future. I'm excited about that aspect of it and am enjoying it, but it can suck time like the sandman....more

End of Spring, Beginning of Everything

Happy 1st day of Summer!The goslings, are almost grown up. They were running, wanting nothing to do with me. They probably thought I wanted to steal their babies.Just a couple of weeks ago. Two families sharing the space....more

Friday Wrap-Up

Friday Wrap-Up, In Pictures

Have a great Friday & enjoy the weekend! It's supposed to be in the high 80's in my area. I don't know about that, but that's what patio umbrellas are for. And a lot of sunscreen....more