Wordless Monday #25 - In The Midst Of It

Episode 41 - "Minimum Wage Rising"

On YouTube, with Closed Captioning & in the transcript page.Show notes & links00:03 - Welcome & Introduction00:42 - Acne Awareness Week in Canada...more

Wordless Monday #24 - Bees & Flowers

Oven Roasted Broccolini- Quick & Easy

Jazz up your regular vegetables by roasting them in the oven. Try my recipe for a change. I'm sure you'll like it!Click here to see the video for "Oven Roasted Broccolini". Click here for the printable recipe @nadiadonella.com. Thanks for your eyes, time & shares!...more

Herbal Essences Naked - Review

This is my first experience with Herbal Essences Naked, a cleansing conditioner. Herbal Essences Naked is made in the USA, distributed by Procter & Gamble. A one-step cleansing conditioner is a bonus in my eyes. Who has time or wants to shampoo and then condition? I don't.What it does: Cleanses your hair, without stripping your hair. Which is great if you have thick or coarse hair, like I do. If you have fine hair this may not work for you but who knows it may. Cleans away all of the product, dirt & oil that is on your scalp and hair....more

Episode 40 - "Positive Thoughts"

On YouTube, with Closed Captioning & in the transcript page.Show notes & links00:00 - Welcome & Introduction01:25- My health update01:59 - Canada now prescribing heroin?Links: http://goo.gl/G75Bih...more

Wordless Monday #23 - End of Season

Quick Tomato & Mushroom Sauce - Recipe

This Tomato & Mushroom Sauce is a different way to quickly add flavour to you sauce. We don't always have hours to make those hearty sauces. This recipe will do the trick for busy days. Whether after a long day at work, a heavy college class schedule or for newbie cooks....more

Podcast, Episode 39 - "Canadian Gun Use Rising"

On YouTube, with Closed Captioning & in the transcript page.Show notes & links00:16 - Welcome & Introduction01:01- Apparently people having restricted firearms, is on the increase in Canada...more

Wordless Monday #22- Blackberry Bush