Mushroom, Spinach & Corn Sauté

This time around, I'm sharing a quick go-to for anytime of day, really. Let's face it, steamed broccoli & oven fries can be a bit boring. Or if they are the staple in your diet, change can be good. Check out my recipe for "Mushroom, Spinach & Corn Sauté".  I hope you try it & let me know how it went....more

Episode 34 - “Rio Olympics 2016”

- Bad news for Rio 2016 Global news link-The Cyber world and Privacy Global News link &  International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law...more

Wordless Monday #16 (Almost)

Strawberry Shortcake - for a few

Summertime is not the same without some form of Strawberry Shortcake. Whether you use a pound cake, sponge cake or biscuits as the base. This time around, I'm sharing my sponge cake version. I hope you give it a try & let me know how it went. Click here to see the video for "Strawberry Shortcake - for a few"....more

Episode 33 - “#LoudBlackGirls”

This week: -More high-speed train news & short review of The Secret Life of Pets latest hashtag, #LoudBlackGirls-What I’m Grateful for this past week...more

Wordless Monday #15 (Almost)

Noodles for 1 or 2 (Quick)

Click here to see the video for "Noodles for 1 or 2".Click here for the printable recipe. Thanks for your time!   Till next time,Nadia, peace...more

Episode 32 - “#BlackLivesMatter”

Click here to listen to Ep. 32Click on YouTube to view with Closed Captioning & in read on the transcript page.Previous podcast: Episode 31 - “Burns Bog Fire, in Delta, BC”...more

Wordless Monday (Almost) #14

Mexican Inspired Chicken

Click here to see my first cooking video.Click here to see the chicken marinade....more