Valentine's Day Coconut-Lime Cookie

These cookies are quick and easy. Whip them up ahead of time or at the last minute.Ingredients...more

Wellness Work

I'm having "One Of Dem Days". Remember that song by Monica? Her first album Miss Thang was pretty good. You may or may not, depending on your age. I haven't thought about that song for years, until I was thinking about the title for today's blog....more

Palm/Coconut Sugar Review

I been using various brands of palm/coconut sugar for about 5 years now, and I'm loving it it! I use it my coffee, tea and in almost all of my baking, if I add sugar at all.I've been down to just a shake less, than 1 tsp of sugar in my coffee/tea, for 5 years now. I was supposed to cut sugar out completely, but that is not happening. I don't add sugar products to much that I eat, so I figure a tsp a day is not going to kill me. I hope not anyway....more

Family Literacy Day

It's #FamilyLiteracyDay and that makes me remember, when my love of reading began.I was about 7 years old (I could be off by a year or two) and summer break had just started. My mom told my sister and I, that for every book that we read, we would get 25 cents at the end of the summer.I don't remember the exact number of books that I went through, but I know my love of reading began then....more


I saw this on a website, #AnswerYourCat'sQuestionsDay. So I decided to answer a few with pictures. Sometimes it's just about fun!Kai: "Why are you taking off your fur?"And when you're naked."What happened!?"...more

Hump Day, Is Just Another Day

It's been a slow week on the blog because work is super busy. I hope everyone is doing well and January is treating you well. If the year seems to pass as quickly as it has been, Spring will be here before we know it. I'm not necessarily looking forward to the warmer weather. Just the longer days, less rain and more sun. More hours to explore, my surroundings!...more

Volunteer Dog Walking Missed

I love dogs!...more

East/West Coast Winters

What I thought I missed:...more

Quick & Easy Flu Helpers

(I am not a healthcare professional, this is what I use. Please use your own discretion and visit your health practitioner for advice.)...more

BC Part 5: Food/Shopping, Courtenay BC Area

(Disclaimer: Now the misses are subjective. My tastes are different from yours. Although there are no true misses in this post.)...more