Healthiest Carrot and Apple Cake


Rich Rum Chocolate Mousse Served in Shot Glasses

This came about as a result of having a bowl of egg yolks lying in the fridge from all the egg whites I used for the my Brandied Strawberry Pavlova (recipe coming soon). It turned out as a luxuriously rich mousse, that I confess I have eaten, regularly and unashamedly, in bed—no sharing, of course! ...more

Pizza Style Stuffed Bread Roll


Grilled Asian Inspired Tofu Skewers with a Light Green Vegetable Stir Fry

This week has just been one endless, mad social calendar…parties, weddings and invites galore, so I was in desperate need of some very healing, very light and absolutely simple healthy food. I’m so glad that it’s my big vegetarian recipe drive this week and so it was the perfect excuse to create a very appropriate dish for the way I am feeling! So, to get back onto track and get my mojo on the go, I’ve rustled up a lovely grilled tofu dish teamed up with bright, fresh greens…I’m already feeling better as I write this! ...more