Cuteness Fail--4th of July Frosting

This week when one of my piano students came, she had a food magazine with the cutest frosting ever. Also, it sounded so...easy.I would do it. And blog it ....more

Guacamole Rice

I made this and I thought it would be a kind of good side dish that would add some vegetables to my rice. Yay. What it turned out to be was a super amazing bowl of deliciousness ....more

Rhubarb Buttermilk Cake

Yesterday when I was talking to my sister-in-law about moist yellow cake, this one came up. "Yeah," I told her, "I've got this rhubarb buttermilk cake on my blog that's really moist." She looked. It wasn't there ....more

Homemade Graham Crackers

So here you are with your kids, la di da, out of school. If you're not moving this summer and didn't have a baby this spring, and don't happen to have your kids signed up for every single camp you got a flyer for, then maybe, well maybe, you're looking for some kind of fun, calm, homey activity to do with your kids. There's always the summer reading program from the library ....more

Banana Yogurt Breakfast Plate

My kids are out of school! And I've been on a little food jag. It seems wrong not to tell you about it, even if it is dumb easy (especially if it is dumb easy) ....more

Lemon Buttermilk Sheet Cake

So, if I was a better person, I would have posted this before Memorial Day. It's pretty much fantabulous--moist and lemon-y with a sugar sprinkle on top that sort of hardens on the frosting to create a lemon-sugar shell. I made this cake for last month's book club ....more

Rice Pudding (Cozy Shack Style)

Last night I should have been writing this blog post, but for whatever reasons, I had to have rice pudding. Had to. If you haven't ever had really good rice pudding, that probably sounds weird, but good rice pudding is just as crave-able as any other creamy sweet dessert ....more

Three-Ingredient Coconut Ice Cream (Made from Pantry-Stable Ingredients)

(Here it is--melting fast) I'm so excited about this recipe. It's a shame I had to give it such a run-on sentence of a title. But I wanted you to know ....more

Enchilada Rice Pot

This seems like it won't be much--it's rice, beans, some sauce, some cheese. I mean, really, every time I assemble it I think, "How is this going to taste good? Won't it just be boring?" No ....more

This Is What $29 Can Actually Buy You

I know, I know. I wasn't going to do this. I'm not sure there's really any point in doing this, but last night when I saw the headline, "I lived on $29 and it almost killed me," a little something snapped (oh my gosh--SNAP--no pun intended there) in me and I just did it ....more