fried Zucchini blossoms

Oh look! I'm blogging? What?Every time I log on lately I see new updates to this Food Blogging group on Facebook - that I am now a part of - and then I start stalking all the new blogs I see and then have to continue the cyber creepiness by checking out their Pinterest boards and god forbid they be linked to Twitter! All of a sudden the family is home and wondering where dinner is?!!! "I don't know! Just let me look through One more board?!"It's actually rather sad......more

Roasted beet and fennel salad

The idea for this came from French Food at Home with Laura Calder. I don't actually remember if she used beets in her recipe but I needed to use mine up so here they are.Most of the ingredients for this also came from my Farmer's market visit.And except for getting the beets in the oven and roasting the fennel there is almost no cooking. Perfect since it's been so hot here in Sacramento (until today anyway)...more

Kauai 2012

Where have I been?Kauai...I imagine I can just leave it at that and anyone who has been there will understand.Then home to lay to rest one of my most favorite persons in the entire world......sad.....and confused.....Then it's finishing up all the projects from the school year and trying to make it to summer break. Just need a few minutes to breathe - but those minutes seem so elusive lately....more

eggs hollandaise

Why "eggs Hollandaise"?Because my friend Michael (he's from Germany and still has an accent and hopefully he won't read this post) always says it this way - instead of eggs benedict, or eggs Bearnaise or whatever else name this dish can go by. ...more
ME too!Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. more

Asparagus and poached egg

Spicy grilled Shrimp with Fettucine

I'm FINALLY back in the kitchen!Actually it's not like I ever really left. You know how it is - we can have 500 projects going all at the same time but still need to get the laundry done and dinner on the table, right? I did tell my family no-one was allowed to open the drapes - this way I couldn't see the one inch high dust covering every flat surface in my house. My usual response? "Go light some candles...let's pretend it's still the middle of winter"...more

The Avo-dilla.....Sort Of.....

I have been crazy busy getting ready for the Renaissance Faire at my daughter's school. In the few minutes I have to eat something I'm trying to eat things that are NOT purchased in a drive-through! But they need to be filling and keep me filled for another several meetings, assignments, errands and whatever else I have to get done....more
We had these last night -- the maple syrup made them interesting. I enjoyed it very much! - Denisemore

quick orange and tangerine salsa

Happy Day to me! Look at this beautiful box of fresh produce E.B. brought to us....more
OMGosh! I've died and gone to heaven! Sincerely, this looks scrumptioulicious! I have NEVER put ...more

Shrimp Wraps

This is an old post but I'm making them so I thought I would share again - and because they are THAT good!  I also think this is an old America's Test Kitchen recipe but I'm not sure. In any case, I hope you try it - they are Delicious. ...more
Wow...they look scrumptious! I'm going to try these this week. Nice photos! more

caramelized onion and pear sandwich with camembert

Here's the sandwich....more
This looks beautiful ... as I'm sure it's scrumptious too! Thanks for the recipe!more